I got my head stuck inbetween two rails of a staircase at an age when I probably was too old to be doing things like that? Age 7 maybe? My mom had to butter my head to get it out.

@j997922 I'm losing my shit right now. I don't remember that part. I must have blocked it out and now I have to see a therapist. Great!

@j997922 lmfao you're so good at responses! Go be a comedy writer. Work for me. I write scripts. I don't make any money and it's a hobby, but... it's about getting experience in the industry.


@ElfLord i’m down!! i was always hoping this place would get me into an unpaid position. looks like i don’t need this account anymore

@j997922 LMAO I really do write short stories and scripts that are comedies onlysomestories.com/ but sorry I can't pay you but I do have an idea for a musical that's about a 90s boyband that gets back together for a reunion MOVIE and they win an oscar. I have the outline written in detail and the story treatment and then when I sit down to write the first scene? Nothing comes to me. Life's a fuck, isn't it?

@j997922 hahah I figured! Why are you funny? Is it because you got beat up in school and it diffused fights with people? Is it because your mom is funny? Tell me your mom is funny.

@ElfLord i fell face first down onto the carpet once when i was swinging on a chair. i think that’s what did it

@j997922 I believe you. I think I'm funny because my dad is funny. We both have 9 year old boy senses of humor. BUT my dad is like the same as me but dialed up to 11, if you can imagine. LOUDER in every conceivable way. So anyway, I'm glad you asked about my dad and now you know all about him.

@j997922 lmao I certainly will. I'll say,

"Jer, *lowers shades* who's a 19 year old guy from the internet by the way, says 'Kind Regards' to you." '

Yeah, that's what I'll say to him.

@ElfLord 👉👉 right back at ya pal. it’s always good to see you online

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