there’s too many smart people on here. i’m fuckin leavin

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@selontheweb always getting dragged back in by this kindness tactic smdh

@j997922 jer, smartness is a quality that often people equate purely with books read or knowing math bullshit. you are a very quick witted and funny person, and that takes as much smartness as i dont know the fact that i have read a handful of books

@j997922 well i'm glad because i believe it to be very true, i spent a lot of time in school in gifted programs and around "smart kids" and a lot of them are basically just stacking up a bunch of expensive bricks in their brain without using them, as important as i think learning is, don't mean shit if you never apply it to being a person and existing in the world.

@j997922 jer today I realized that when I screenshot and send people gold toots to show off my masto pals it's majority yours!!

@ldopa !!!!! holy shit, that’s goddamn amazing, thank you!!!

@j997922 I wonder if my partner ever gets jealous like who is this "clown pilled youth" she's always sending me lol

@ldopa the idea of someone looking at joker-pesci and seething in jealousy is killing me lmao

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