getting riled up about all the bad tv shows because someone told me my taxes paid for it and i never bothered to do any fact checking


@j997922 how many talk shows do you need. there should just be one and the host shouldn’t be funny. they should be mean, and the goal should be humiliation. i want a new roster of cheaply paid hit actors every year. none of this “respected and properly compensated for their craft” garbage

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@j997922 i just want you to bring ray william johnson back goddamn it

@j997922 the talk show is a bad model because it assumes i like celebrities and want to hear from them, after epstein i assume any celebrity i dont like was on the lolita express so i want someone who is paid mid 5 figures a year to fool and publicly humilate them on live television, this is what talk shows should be, a working class job

@tasnyx the talk show host should have rough hands, hands bigger than steven seagal’s, and they should be used for real-ass, non-movie violence purposes

@j997922 the talk show host should be able to get into a real martial arts fight with any celebrity he does not vibe with, and if he wins they have to give him 25 dollars on air

@tasnyx @j997922 celebrities get one (1) Arby's-rules fistfight before the host gets the options to either fight again, this time with everyone's hands tied, or simply drop celebrities through a trapdoor activated by a lever.

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