we cannot all be blessed with efficient brain calorie usage

being an extremely unsmart person is a cycle of being unable to express how you feel, asking “why’s that,” trying for a while, realizing that it’s a raw spot emotionally, vowing to not think again, and then accidentally repeating it all a week later after i forgot about it

@nate this looks like a fun game on my grandparents computer that i wasn’t allowed to use

there’s something i can’t properly express with words and it’s making me angry!!!!!

business model: we hold the potential client at arms length in order to avoid embarrassment

business results: okay/middling profits, a sense of never truly being their service provider

i’m not here to make friends I’m here to make Clients

no nut november leads to flat nut december. actions have consequences

oh mastodon!!!!! ahaha. this was for a dm, you weren’t supposed to see this. that’s so funny!!

ad hominem... plus sociopathy and psychopathy aren’t really recognized anymore. at least. i dunno. i think i read that in a youtube comment once

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