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@j997922 i either gotta be gentle as a babe or as rough as possible, it’s always one or the other

@j997922 getting blacklisted for picking the crinchie origin toot

getting hired based on my favorite sel toot out of sixteen

ah fuck deleting would mess up the bot wouldn’t it. i’d have to get an archive or something going, i bet

@j997922 ok for sure i will 100% do that if i can just get a following list together

eh, might delete this account someday. remake something without any attachment to the old knzk letters and numbers.

got to hang out with cousins i don’t see that often tonite. gonna just try to fall asleep thinking about how nice that was. gn

@j997922 if it were such a big deal, I’d just delete. but still

getting only mildly paranoid about social media and employment bullshit in the future

sleeping is a thing you do where you just bite the fuck outta your tongue until it wakes you up

had a dream healyn was in 3 sketches for advertisements that got played for an entire convention

violent, american sniper, 9/11. shitpost 

🧠: he’s so fascinating, i wish i had half the talent he does, and his heart, genuinely. what a great guy

🧠: artist STINKY!!! lmaoooo

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