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spamming the birth command at the baby facility computer after the wifi gets shaky, and it looks like there’s gonna be 16 of these fuckers, apparently. so get ready for tha

oh? no. no that couldn’t have been me. maybe my pathetic twin brother, but not me.

there was no crime before cameras, and even less before eyes, i bet

@j997922 where’s my hugging my way into a well needed cry. it’s the only way i can tear up anymore

a series comprising of eight books? i would simply make a movie that reduces it to 90 minutes

teeth shit 

joe biden is human in the same way that the glitched mannequins that walk around your house in skyrim are

joe biden campaigning as pennywise cosplay this halloween and then never stopping that

justin trudeau:
i had just gotten my first taste of xbox live, and i let it get away from me, I’ll admit

justin trudeau:
yes, i did blackface. gta v had just come out. i said whatever i wanted. it was a different time

take a spill, hit my head, and die at 26 type

throwing a pitcher at the tv playing a divorce court show during lunchtime at chillis

bro its straight to have skin. stop asking so much questions lmao

@j997922 i have no hope for this whatsoever at this point. i’ve got an old mans mouth. just give me the fakes

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