Not that anybody noticed (well, one person did) but I came back.

Been a bit, checking in. Is anybody still here from before?

It's fucked up that they make dogs be cops

Oooooh ... woke up needing to hear Pixies, and Sebadoh, and Hüsker Dü and just could not decide which. I went with Pixies.

I tried other instances and nobody really gave a shit there either.

Look, to the handful of kind souls who even notice ... I am not referring to you. You are lovely.

It makes my anxiety spike to come around and discover I am mostly not of interest. To, like, most everybody.

Sorry in advance. Kinda not sure I can pay the bills this month so I created a discount code for my Bandcamp in case anyone likes music and feels sorry for me. PAYTHEMBILLS gets you 25% off some music.

I rejoined Twitter. Mostly, I have short conversations with one of the actors from Home Alone. Seriously. Not even kidding.

Shaved my head in the shower to my best Spotify 80s playlist. Aka the soundtrack of my childhood.

Oh! I started working on my YouTube channel again. Here’s the latest: New Year, New ...

There’s nothing wrong with either of those things, but have we used up all the ideas? Will there ever be another new ... anything?

Remember when indie music wasn’t dominated by chillwave and folk music with a Kaoss pad?

Mental illness, frustration 

I am watching an obnoxious amount of butter melt as this water heats up.

to everyone who survived
to everyone who endured
to everyone who thrived
to everyone ignored
to everyone

we outlasted 2018
we made it

here's to the days beyond this one which are still perfect

Happily saying goodbye to 2018. Thankful for my new friends here, though!

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