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Solarpunk Druid

I want to start a new tradition similar to called 'subscribe Saturday' or , where you recommend an RSS feed to subscribe to.

Help people get out of algorithm bubbles and promote smaller/nieche resources.

@jackalope Mastodon: "SUB-SAT YOU SAY??? 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 "|

Considering the double meaning ff has, this already has a precedent lol

Thanks, I've been pondering ways to try and get people to venture out into the non-algorithmic web again.

@jackalope yeah, it's nice to have actual human recs.
It's something I really love about this place, and my blog-platform-cum-feedreader - everything being time-arranged - and am finding increasingly annoying on Instagram etc where algorithms get in the way of that.

As I'm also trying to make this a thing on twitter I thought it best to avoid using 'ss' for.... Depressing socio-political reasons 😒

@jackalope Since I quit birdsite I have been trying to expand my RSS selection to keep on discovering new things. This is an excellent idea.

@jackalope and hopefully we use it outside Mastodon where those algorithm bubble prisoners exist more densely.