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Jack Baty @jackbaty

I look forward to the end of the navel-gazing portion of Mastodon's adoption. (Even though I am part of the problem).

See mastodon.cloud/@dredmorbius/10

Would be nice if each instance set the page title to the full domain or some other identifying string.

Easier to tell instances apart when several are open in their own tabs.

For example, instead of "Mastodon" use "Mastodon.social". Just a thought.

@ian FYI I received the confirmation email overnight shortly before midnight. Thanks for whatever made that happen!

@ian Email is via Fastmail.com and it's not in spam. If it's only a few cases it sure feels like something in my end though. Will keep looking, thanks.

@ian Would love to move from .social to .network but have not received confirmation email after several attempts. Is this expected?

So I'm here and also @jackbaty How important is it to choose the right instance as a sort of canonical identity?

Thinking of setting up my own mastadon instance but more out of curiosity than any sort of need.