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I have a script called `listener` to start SBCL with CLIM Listener, Swank waiting for Emacs connections and linedit interface wrapped for the console (I start it usually in tmux).

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Some colors, other line thickness, clipping regions and points. On the right: naive implementation of the same.

Console backend for progressing, even line cap shapes are implemented ;-) on the right a simplified implementation for comparison.

default coordinates idea:

I'd appreciate constructive opinions in this github thread.

Another brick in the wall ;-)

drag-and-drop and tracking-pointer rewrite (plus two demos and numerous changes around these functionalities).

I dropped my #IRC client onto github today! It's 1000sloc of #Tcl/Tk for the core, plus a bunch of plugins. I've been using it as my primary #IRC client for the past couple of years, so it's well-used.

It's not for everyone, but I'd say it's one of the most hackable #IRC clients out there.

“911, this service sponsored by Ring, what’s your emergency?”

“I think someone broke into my house!”

“Are you a Ring customer?”


“I’m sorry, our priority response is reserved for Ring customers.”

I wanted to draw a chart showing correlation between your cleverness and future programmers working on this code happiness.

^ happiness
| \
|__\_____________> cleverness

Tomorrow I'm giving a talk about for Atlanta Functional Programming Meetup.

Here is a crib (wip) of what I hope to discuss:

Event (and link to the stream):

"For unlike someone devoted to the life of contemplation, a total worker takes herself to be primordially an agent standing before the world, which is construed as an endless set of tasks extending into the indeterminate future."

A bunch of you (mostly those with white collar jobs) should read this and consider how close you are to the sort of ideology this article discusses. I think it'll feel uncomfortable, but may help motivate you toward new opinions.

Given stack_ptr is already allocated with all arguments, which would be faster and why?

void xxx(int n, ...) { … }
void yyy(int n, stack_ptr sp) { … }

xxx(5, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4);
yyy(5, frame->sp);

Any good resource I could read about it? Naive benchmark indicates that passing array is comparable in speed (even slightly faster).

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