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I have a script called `listener` to start SBCL with CLIM Listener, Swank waiting for Emacs connections and linedit interface wrapped for the console (I start it usually in tmux).

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Today I'm programming with the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack in the background. :-)

What should I work on in next?

Could you guess what this #lisp program does? (originally written by @luismbo)

(let ((lisp 'common-lisp))
(let ((fn (lambda () lisp)))
(let ((funcall (lambda (ignore) 'scheme)))
(let ((lisp 'elisp))
(funcall fn)))))

I've repackaged DejaVu fonts for Quicklisp - they are now available under the system named cl-dejavu[1]. That should be a good alternative to everchanging paths to system fonts (i.e as a sane default for ).


bottom-right picture presents a transformed ink (rotated in this case) - that uses a possibly hardware-accelerated function xlib:render-set-picture-transform.

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Success! I've got right the flipping ink over the xrender extension.

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