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After a full year on Mastodon I've decided to come back to Twitter. The primary reason is more diverse community and content.

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I have a script called `listener` to start SBCL with CLIM Listener, Swank waiting for Emacs connections and linedit interface wrapped for the console (I start it usually in tmux).

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That said, I'm not up to it and I'm not recommending that phoe should do what he's doing, I'm only saying that he tries to address a serious problem which is not likely to solve itself by ignoring it. I don't think he'll gain much popularity for that though (I personally value my time enough to not engage with hextream alikes).


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As an overblown example, we have a madman ruling in Poland currently, it doesn't make his actions any more justified, even if he believes that authoritarian church-state is a "fight for freedom", and even if he has devoted supporters.


I created a video showing my recent progress with Climaxima. It now has some basic animation capabilities:

I've finished this demo. It tests the functionality of medium-copy-area (and uses a proposed extension for blank-area presentation type[1]).


I've implemented a "modern" menu navigation style in - click to focus and keyboard navigation. That was a very mundane sub-task towards emacs-like gesture combos.

"I thank you for saving one of my lives," the cat said.
"Everyone would have done the same."
"You'd be surprised. In return, I will grant you one of my attributes."
"Grace, beauty, balance, agility. That sort of thing."
"Can I have your ability to relax and sleep?"

oh my god, where is my brain. The name Edward is so much better as a combination of Ed(itor) and Ward (unadulted) :_) changing!

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I'm writing a new text editing substrate for McCLIM. Here is a small preview of wip on Eduardo (the substrate name).

Drei is the current module. The library will be still in tree, but McCLIM's core won't depend on it. On the picture a presentation how they work side-by-side.

I've programmed in C++ at professional capacity at some point of time, so I feel entitled to voice this opinion:

You may cut an infinite number of very sane programming languages from C++ standard, but slapped together they make a horrid mashup of non-orthogonal features which get in a way of each other.

If I had to guess it is because when they were before a choice: solve the problem with contemporary technique A) or B) they always chose both. Add C heritage and voila C++.


Reminds me of an old Polish song telling how the work of a welder is transforming the worker, and how the mystical electric arc works like an energy drink.


(No CCs, but you can copy-paste the lyrics from the description into your favourite translation service.)

Neat documentary about early history of computing at Bell Labs and Xerox PARC seems particularly relevant to many of us here:

I find it extremely hard to work at a tech company where there's lots of triumphalism about how great our product or modern software and web applications are. I hope more dissenting voices that offer a different vision of computing can be widely heard.

My new desktop calendar for 2021 is now available for pre-purchase!

紫の世界: Reaching for the Sky features 13 hand drawn illustrations and a custom calendar layout, all printed on 300g matte paper.

Pre-order here on Gumroad:

Nvidia just replaced video codecs with a neural network.

This is pretty mind-blowing:

I don't even wanna think about further implications like faked recordings, online impersonation or the impact on Hollywood productions.

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