Admittedly I was quite agitated due to the lynch for the last few days and I've read plenty of things on the internet. I had no opinion on a few topics. Some conclusions I've came up with are:

- we should strive for equal chances, not for equal results

- "cancel culture" executed by a mob is no less than a harassment

- some people lack skill (or will) to check facts and others use that to advance their goals

- media news are not trustworthy

- throwing shit makes some of it stick


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- unpopular opinions are a serious danger to your personal life and career so an opportunist (rational?) strategy is to keep silent about them

- it is not allowed to wander too far with thought experiments because it may hurt you (see above) because either someone does not like these thoughts or doesn't understand them

- many people preaching for inclusion are very exclusive themselves

These conclusions (especially the last one) made me very sad, because I'm a big proponent of the first one.

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