I'm wondering about your opinion. If it were your choice, would you rather make the education:

- agnostic to opinions, teaching facts and learning critical thinking at a risk of people developing opinions which you may find unacceptable

- modeling people to cater to their physical, mental and social health and peace at a risk of discriminatory judgment

- endorsing rationalism and logic over empathy and public opinion

- make people share your moral standing to promote good

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@jackdaniel 1 and 3 come across to me as the same thing. How are they different? How would you classify evidence-based lifestyles?


Rationalism is not the only way to live. Hedonism, stoicism, some kind of tribal life for fun, nationalism (i.e in a sense from before the XX century), separatism and many other life styles could be developed from the first model of education. Basically it is a philosophy, where you give someone tools and leave them be, while the third option is to make a decision how they should be (i.e not irrational).

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