I'm rewriting 's CLX backend renderer to always use XRender extension. I've already drafted a core abstraction.

Sometimes to better understand a reviewed C code I'm rewriting it in Common Lisp pseudocode for clarity.

Menu commands are disabled when not available in the frame's command table.

Asynchronous command execution, shrink, puffup, raise and burry window etc.

p.s mastodon allows uploading webm, and twitter doesn't. Clearly the elephant is a winner ;-)

I've finished this demo. It tests the functionality of medium-copy-area (and uses a proposed extension for blank-area presentation type[1]).

[1] github.com/McCLIM/McCLIM/pull/

I've implemented a "modern" menu navigation style in - click to focus and keyboard navigation. That was a very mundane sub-task towards emacs-like gesture combos.

I'm writing a new text editing substrate for McCLIM. Here is a small preview of wip on Eduardo (the substrate name).

Drei is the current module. The library will be still in tree, but McCLIM's core won't depend on it. On the picture a presentation how they work side-by-side.

Text input with Flexichain is around 20loc of integration - excellent library.

Keypad-controlled virtual pointer alongside the mouse pointer in the terminal.

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