And here is a version with a fancy presentation mixin added :-) This may become a demo when finished.

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Such line of argumentation isn't very useful because it boils down to "everything is natural" and we lose a word to distinguish between changes brought by the civilization and changed brought by the non-civilization. In other words it would render the word "natural" to mean "exists".

@nsrahmad Right you are, thanks. Updated. They don't have webchat (yet?), so I've linked it to the website as

- [ @](

Hackers hate him. Andrew have discovered how to repeatedly appear on the front HN page. Find out his secrets - only $42 + VAT. /joke

Due to the recent events around the freenode irc network I've moved and IRC channels to See you there \o

Curious reader may notice, that in the first screenshot fset had the type NUMBER - and that was a bug which was easy to find at first glance thanks to the visualisation. The special operator fset returns function in ECL but it incorrectly propagated the function body type.

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@RadiantEmber He is a good example precisely because he was not a good person. Also saying that he stole from everyone seem to be a heave-handed criticism that would require some sources. Be as it may my curiosity regarding the rationale regarding the video is satisfied so I'll carry on with my day. Have a nice evening \o

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Example: Edison was a terrible person, but he popularized the idea of the electrical-energy supplied home devices.

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