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Text input with Flexichain is around 20loc of integration - excellent library.

Keypad-controlled virtual pointer alongside the mouse pointer in the terminal.

history documentation improvements:

Most notably they cover the fact, that ECL is in fact a descendant of DELPHI Common Lisp. There are a few other interesting details regarding heritage.

Also: Documentation and tests for barriers.

layout protocol analysis:

5h of the specification and code analysis for 1h review of 1/3 of the pull request[1], sigh. I guess I'm just a slowpoke.


Presentation translators of the COMPLETION presentation type (equivalent of the Common Lisp type MEMBER).

If you haven't dreamed about the presentation translators specialized on union types (OR), I'm sure you haven't dreamed about EQL-specializers for presentation methods either!

Did you ever dream of the presentation translator from-type specifier in a form (or string integer)? No? I thought that may be a case. Regardless, that should work now :)

In many "OO" languages (...) the methods are owned by the class, and you cannot access a method without compiler promises that the object it will call that method with is of a class that owns that method. This is not object-orientation, it is just plain lunacy. -- Erik Naggum

In we are suspending the bounty program because of the recent changes in the BountySource ToS (quickly withdrawn). Bounties are refunded to McCLIM free funds on the platform.

I'll write a post on McCLIM blog soon which will explain the situation in more detail.

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