huh i wonder how Mastodon is gonna change after the influx of all these Twitter leftists and... uhh.. well this is new...

@jackdaw_ruiz can they get the version of that where it just automatically detects whether it would have let you check the box?

@BenLubar make sure to donate to your instance's patreon for these exciting (and secure!) features!

@Chinchillazilla it's the little touches that show a shitpost was made with love. :blobaww:

@Chatvert mm yes, i remember hearing that somewhere. seems plausible, i dunno why there isn't more news coverage of this development.

here's a hip new social network to join
:blobfingerguns: 🐘 :blank: :blobreach:

ah-ah, say no nations no borders first
🐘 :blobwoah: :blank: :blobsweats:

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