well the people making unlicensed Halloween costumes seem pretty on top of it as we head into Fall...

@jackdaw_ruiz Sweet!
Do you know if anybody's running specials for stuff that's a few years out of style...?

questionable taste humour 

@jackdaw_ruiz who else is going to their #Halloween parties dressed as... *squints*... A sexy social network/sexy Mastodon? 🙋‍♂️

@jackdaw_ruiz I should get the mastodon outfit for my significant other. She already does plenty of tooting in bed.

@jackdaw_ruiz Ugh, I'm not a native speaker, so please tell me: what are "womens" and what are "mens"? Is there a plural of plural? And if so, is there none of "group"? If that's a native site, I'm confused.

But yeah: no birds, but Mammoths – that's cool 🤣

@IzzyOnDroid @jackdaw_ruiz I'm not prepared to answer all of your questions, but "mens" means the costume is in a size that a man can wear. "Womens" means the costume is in a size that a man can wear. It should be spelled " mens' " with an apostrophe at the end instead, meaning that it belongs to men.

@MadestMadness @jackdaw_ruiz thanks – yeah, thought so – but then it's inconsistent (what about the "group"?). Just looks a bit confusing.

@IzzyOnDroid @jackdaw_ruiz Ohhhh! At the side! It's referring to costumes that need multiple people to wear. It's like a horse costume that needs multiple people to wear it, for example. One person goes in the horse's top half and one person goes in the horse's bottom half.

@jackdaw_ruiz thanks

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