FYI -- 2019 accidentally shipped prematurely and contains a LOT of bugs. these will be patched once the devs return from vacation.

here are just some known bugs:

🐞 all cheese currently tastes like the color red.

🐞 incorrectly loading textures has turned your favorite top into a stained Big Dog t-shirt.

🐞 baseball even more boring.

🐞 cap removed on horniness value, meaning you can get so incredibly hornt it crashes the local server.

🐞 dogs now capable of speech (maybe not a bug?).

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@jackdaw_ruiz that hornt bug seems very hard to actually exploit before it gets patched. how do you increase it that fast???


some people have builds where they min/max'd their sexuality and are able to high-octane superhornt on the correct stimuli.

and really, i think we all know who i'm talking about... the footmen.

"nerf foot fetishists there are too many of them and it's too powerful of a kink!" i furiously type into a reddit thread that's rapidly circling the drain down into hell.

@jackdaw_ruiz how much to bribe the devs to consider no.4 a feature too, mm?~


there's the appropriate level of boring, and then there's the fact that the field now loads with an entire library on the diamond and the game now takes place inside where nobody can see from the stands... my recollection is that it didn't used to be like that, but maybe it always has?

@jackdaw_ruiz my dog is just screaming old spaghetti commericals. I think its a bug.

@Roxxie_Riot @jackdaw_ruiz And now I'm imagining that dog from the Bush's Baked Beans commercials...


Screaming Old Spaghetti is my favorite 1930s Italian blues musician from the parallel universe just to the left of this one. :thinkhappy: 🍝 🎢

@jackdaw_ruiz 1/1/2019 v 1.1 patch notes:

Put cap on horniness value BUT somehow the default value can get lowered past 0 and wraps around to 256. Still combing through spaghetti code to find a reason why.

@jackdaw_ruiz There's also a bug where everyone sucks and i hate them

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