🐦 πŸ“£ HELLO! i recently had @lynnesbian in the studio to discuss technology and friendship. and then i ambushed her with a deadly quiz about cryptography & fragrances!!

this episode is educational, funny, sweet.



if you're cold, they're cold. invite a bird and bunny into your warm ears for the next hour.

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intro/outro/transition music courtesy @byttyrs

"jackdaw ruiz has landed" courtesy

a discussion was edited for running time where we both shout-out @binchicken

Lynne appears courtesy of the King of Australia. thanks to everyone for being very nice. see you on the TL.

As Nothing but the Toot settles into an identifiable format, @jackdaw_ruiz reveals that the stunning first episode was not a fluke, but rather a mere glimpse of what was to come. The way the show shifts to adapt to its guests makes each episode feel new and exciting. @lynnesbian makes, as expected by fans, for one of the best guests of all time. As witty as she is knowledgeable, and as charming as she is opinionated. And of course @byttyrs makes a fantastic contribution.

@garfiald @jackdaw_ruiz @byttyrs thank you so much garf :blobcatmelt3:

it was so great to be on the show and i enjoyed being in an environment where people cared about my tech garbage :L

the silly "checksum algo or celebrity perfume" game at the end was really nice, it was so lovely to see someone making jokes about the thing i'm passionate about without using surface-level observational humour or outright mocking... it was really sweet and i loved it so much

@lynnesbian it's a fantastic segment and you were so funny and interesting to listen to!!

@jackdaw_ruiz @lynnesbian I'm like 10 minutes into the episode and as soon as I heard that you can store and run your own bot on your own computer I wanted to to do that. Are there instructions anywhere? Like, is the code posted on github? This sounds like the perfect excuse to get my hands dirty with some computer nerd shit again.

damn, new #NbtT is good!! especially the transition music by that foxy and talented electronic artist Mads Viande πŸ‘€πŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ once again a delightful listen, thank you to @jackdaw_ruiz @lynnesbian for this experience!!

@jackdaw_ruiz seriously, outside of the fact I my relationship was talked on there and that made me feel great, that episode was brilliant.. NOW YES, I am in love with the guest you had on, BUT STILL. Jackdaw buddy I hope this thing still goes, I adored the Sel episode and this one had me like a giddy child. I love how you and @lynnesbian talked about serious things, tech stuff and really continued to five deep into why people who are known around here do as they do here. I seriously hope this continues as a thing, even if it's not weekly. anyways, I'm gonna go over here and melt into a gay puddle that you all know I drunkenly confessed to Lynne one night

@jackdaw_ruiz i'm suuuuuper sorry to be a pain but is there a reason this one isn't downloadable from soundcloud like sel's one was?? i wanna listen to it on the bus and i'm scared of YT to mp3 converters :''''''


oh good lord i guess i need actual artwork to display if this is gonna be in people's podcast apps now...

... don't mind me, just thinking aloud.

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