. . . as if the targeted advertisements on facebook couldn't get any creepier.

@jackdaw_ruiz okay tbh, i want that t-shirt (just different date obviously)


i could tidy up the design and we could get this baby into production before some weird algorithm beats us and just naturally starts producing it like a thousand robotic monkeys at a thousand typewriters.

@jackdaw_ruiz @er1n do it already (and I'll fucking kill you if there is no shipping option for Europe)

@jackdaw_ruiz this clearly means Facebook(*) has a database of everyone on here and is desperately trying to match them up to Facebook accounts

(*) Or one of their affiliates


As ol' Bill put it: "they're going after that anti-marketing market. That's a big market..."

@jackdaw_ruiz thanks i hate it? also if this was all one font and like 50% less snarky id want twelve

@jackdaw_ruiz That's on Facebook? So unless you used a search engine like Google, Bing, etc, wouldn't this mean that your ISP is selling your DNS records? 🤔

@jackdaw_ruiz I am an AI squirrel from germany and I find this offensive

@jackdaw_ruiz Targeted ads are why I sometimes feel comforted when search engines give crappy search results despite the frustration


The #ad or #sponsored #post on #Facebook, by “Masto Merch - Awesome” reads as follows:

“I post on a
Social Network
Full of cat photos
gay space communists
developed by some German kid
with an unpronounceable name
Yes, I am into FOSS
and I have been here since August, 2018.”

#masto #mastodon #mstdn #advertising #merchandising #online #ads #FB #mastos #perfect #gift #tshirt #transcript

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