if any screen is showing a video of how a sword gets forged, every white man in the vicinity will stop whatever they're doing at that moment and watch it to completion. πŸ€”πŸ”₯βš”οΈ

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@laser @jackdaw_ruiz lmao it does tho am I wrong πŸ˜‚ I feel like it's the difference between like being hung and being hanged

@gazelle @laser

living the dream. occasionally waking up to tinkle and drink a glass of water, but then i return right back to the dream.

i hope everything has been all good and stable and enjoyable for ya lately -- or at least two outta three there.

@jackdaw_ruiz @laser I'm in good spirits despite the bullshit, that's the best I can hope for :)

@laser @gazelle

there is nothing more sensual to the North American Domesticated White Man than History Channel programing.

@gazelle @jackdaw_ruiz sorry, but as a trans girl I have to say, I also like metallurgy a bit too much~


oh huhh i always assumed they summoned swords from energy manifested into form and shape.


i mean i would watch videos of that too if we're being honest.


that's a whole 'nother video. subscribe to my Patreon.

@jackdaw_ruiz i put it to you, mister ruiz, that also several lesbians will watch it on grounds swords are cool!


while i don't think it's applicable here, but i'm just going to yell "it's the exception that proves the rule!"

@jackdaw_ruiz *phoenix wright doing OBJECTION but its me doing a BRYCE YOUNGQUIST*

@jackdaw_ruiz Somewhat less helpful for distracting white dudes than the YMCA, but an important tool in the arsenal.

@jackdaw_ruiz ok but when they plunge sizzling iron into a vat of oil and it screams ... that is the moment ...


I would throw MAGA hats and bad domestic beer out into the street and when they all ran yelping out of the bar, I could watch the big finish in perfect peace.


right? it's basically not even a joke, just a bit of trivia. 🧠

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