hey, hey americans, hey american people, I got a quick question for y'all

why the FUCK do you just use every single name like 10 THOUSAND times?? every city name is also a state and a fucking beach and a recipe for chowder and a regional dish and a fucking moon crater

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to confuse our enemies.

Washington was named after Washington to help shield him from assassination attempts, and still the physical location was sacked once already in 1812. which is why we then created Washington and put it on literally the opposite coast from Washington.

now, you could overthink this. or you could relax with this cool, refreshing mug of Washington and put your feet up on the Washington. do you like sports? Washington is playing Washington this afternoon.

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@jackdaw_ruiz thanks! I am ANGERED and will now go and eat someone's hat, if you'll excuse me

@jackdaw_ruiz @Ophillous also that's why Washington is on quarters and singles: to make would-be assassins waste their time stalking and trying to murder small currency

@bonzoesc @jackdaw_ruiz me, shooting my old timey musket at money: dammit, why won't you die?? is Washington immortal??????

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