being in your 30's and logging onto the fedi like

yet they don't mention you by name -- probably still salty about the time you personally strangled Andrew Breitbart to death on the toilet. :thaenkin:


see you in a few months at the post-30 orientation meeting i'll be leading!

@jackdaw_ruiz being in my 40s but shamelessly boosting this like

@jackdaw_ruiz 37 but I have the emotional maturity of a man half my age.


this seems dangerously recursive, considering a man half your age usually has the emotional maturity of a man half THAT age. :thaenkin:

@jackdaw_ruiz i'm like benjamin button except it just means that i can't maintain healthy relationships or do more than bare-minimum self-care

@jackdaw_ruiz i read that in the voice of the tf2 heavy, and was about to be like "haha i'm still young and current"

@hoppet @jackdaw_ruiz

At 60 it all resets and you get to be a baby again. Or so they tell me. 🤔

@jackdaw_ruiz in defiance of all reason and expectations neither nor are instances

@jackdaw_ruiz from 40 onwards we start again from the beginning.

@jackdaw_ruiz Ahh, I remember being a 30-something... vaguely... I think...

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