[blowing dust off my Mastodon Posting Terminal] 🌬️

it's been a long time you awful piece of shit. 🎮

@jackdaw_ruiz missed opportunity to have the poop icon on the perfectly shaped triangle button, and another missed opportunity to label the switch "CW"


respectfully, this post is turbo shit don't make banal comments on how you think someone else's jokes can be better.

@jackdaw_ruiz My kid has the actual toy this is based on and it's kinda hilarious. He's not even 2 yet but he already demands the actual Switch Pro controller instead

@jackdaw_ruiz i legitimately have a steam controller set up to do this so i can curl up in a ball in my chair and still browse the timeline


is this that "gameifying" of experiences i keep hearing so much about???

@jackdaw_ruiz i hope so otherwise i'm going to be way under levelled for mastocon

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