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John Olinda

My body: "Hey, this cold is really wearing me out, how about a nap?"

My brain: "Lol, how about we think about all the stuff you were supposed to get done this weekend instead of being KO'd by a stupid cold?"

My body: "That doesn't really seem like a good..."

My brain: "Great, incessant thinking and frustration it is!"

My body: "...."

My oldest son: "I wish I could just punch a dinosaur in the face."

Managed to avoid the flu after weeks of exposure to it from students, colleagues, and my own kid. Got the cold.

DST is messing me up so bad. It's light way too late and dark when I get out of bed. I WANT A REFUND.

It’s incredible how the tech press collectively decided that bezels are evil. I’m more interested in the ergonomics. The iPod Touch is a great example of a device that sacrifices ergonomics for design: it’s just too thin to use comfortably. Bezels are both technically and ergonomically necessary, but I’m worried manufacturers will eliminate them without solving the underlying issues first.

A colleague reminded me of the importance of just sitting down to think. Things have gotten so crazy at work (for all of us) and I've really lost perspective. It's time to make the choice to not do some things so I can do the other things well.

Apple: "Let's make this awesome, secure p2p tool called AirDrop. It'll make it easy for users to share files offline between devices. Unless they want to share from a Mac to iOS. Or over Ethernet."

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Hi! We notice you're driving past our bookstore!

That's great, but you have your car windows closed. Would you mind opening your windows? We'd like to fill your car with wasps and locusts.

Now just one minute. Filling strangers' cars with wasps and locusts is how we pay our bills. Do you want us to starve?

We understand you may have had some bad experience with other wasp-and-locust providers. Some low-quality locusts got in the mix. But that's all been sorted out now!

Window. Open it.

I've been waiting three weeks for an answer from Google about the defective mic, headphone, and speakers on my Pixel 1. Now it looks like some people with the same issue have launched a class action against Google because they've been getting the run-around.

Streaming the pre-game show. It's nice not to have to do any weird hackery in order to watch the Superbowl on something other than traditional broadcast or cable.

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Birdsite but do read this thread. It's freaking important.

This reeks racket. Pay us to deliver email or it will be silently dropped - no, not spam filtered just dropped. As someone who self-hosts email I can only say that letting things like that happen essentially kills email as a decentralized service.

I'm spending more and more time waiting for macOS to reboot and install updates than ever.

What causes air bubbles to form on the surface of the glass when a glass of water sits overnight?

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Here's a really good little article about why you should buy movies on physical media instead of digital streaming/downloads.

Got a card from Seth today. Apparently he planned to give it to me on Valentine's, but pulled the trigger early. I'm so thankful for my sons 😊

There is an ever-increasing overlap between "this is real" and "seems like it should be on The Onion"

Hmmm... I installed Antergos on my wife's laptop (replacing Win10) and it refuses to go past the boot screen.

Today feels like a fix stuff day.

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platformer video game where it's literally just you living a normal life but the floor is lava