I wasn't expecting my SSD to be delivered in an envelope and nothing else. No box around it or anything. I hope it's OK.

@jackivan88 I have received a bunch (like, 20+) of that exact model packaged similarly and haven't had any that were damaged so here's hoping my trend continues for you

@jackivan88 It should be; SSDs not having moving delicate parts make it less susceptible to damage


I imagine that it would be just fine. No moving parts.
Would you have been as uneasy if it had been a USB drive that was delivered the same way?

@randynose yeah, some kind of bubble wrap would be expected either way, even with a small device

@ShanShen yes, so far no issues. A friend ordered the same one and got it in the small box that my first one came in, so mine was a fluke, but a harmless one apparently.

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