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Hey! I'm Jack, and I'm a fan of games (especially ), , , and social equity. Is that a weird combo...?

I love to write for fun, especially on games/anime and the culture around them. My goals are:
- to reflect on my own emotional experiences with media
- to critique with nuance, respect, and understanding
- to try and make the fandom a nicer, more empathetic place in any small way I can

If that sounds cool to you, don't be afraid to say hi!

Y’all know how excited I am for Project Judge Eyes. Finally, Toshihiro Nogoshi is going to give us his-


his magnum opus-

*cough, cough, cough*

…excuse me. Like I was saying, his magnum opus, Super Monkey Ball 3, which will be playable in the game’s popular CLUB SEGA® locations

Always a grand ole time when the only up-to-date news source for a community is reddit 😐

Most recently:

Google Maps ➡️ Waze

Gmail ➡️ Protonmail

Google Analytics ➡️ Fathom Analytics

Chopping any and all Google products out of my life bit-by-bit has been super gratifying tbqh

It's both valid AND weird that lots of Mega Man 11 reviews are saying it "sticks too closely to the formula."

Can you even make a "Mega Man 11" without 8 stages, 8 robot masters, and a Dr. Wily castle at the end? I don't...think so? But I also wouldn't fault anyone that doesn't want that


There's a LOT of jpop in Dragalia Lost and I'm going to need someone to put together that playlist asap

I know it's a mobile game and nobody's excited about that, but Dragalia Lost's theme by DAOKO absolutely slaps

What if...what if the greatest song of all time is a 90 second disco track from Yakuza 0?

New post! I wiped the dust off the old blog and wrote about social media, the games fandom, and a few of the neat ways they've intersected this year:

So PlayStation Classic, yeah?

I'm definitely annoyed that Sony wants us to pay again for backwards compatibility with their platform's old games, but man, at least they didn't cease & desist a bunch of ROM sites before making the announcement

reflection on the announcement of N1RV Ann-A Show more

reflection on the announcement of N1RV Ann-A Show more

In 45 minutes I may or may not know if Isaac is in Smash and/or if there is a new Golden Sun coming, and that is a lot more than I can handle

Apple, mastometa Show more

Apple, mastometa Show more

Apple, mastometa Show more

Dragon Quest XI is just a stunning, stunning game

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