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Hey! I'm Jack, and I'm a fan of games (especially ), , , and social equity. Is that a weird combo...?

I love to write for fun, especially on games/anime and the culture around them. My goals are:
- to reflect on my own emotional experiences with media
- to critique with nuance, respect, and understanding
- to try and make the fandom a nicer, more empathetic place in any small way I can

If that sounds cool to you, don't be afraid to say hi!

I just snagged Dandara from the April Humble Monthly bundle, and GOD I regret letting myself get intimidated by it before. The small step up in difficulty compared to most Metroidvanias is completely displaced by how cool and unique it feels to like, zig-zag all over the screen

Finished Swery's "The Missing" tonight, and bittersweet doesn't even begin to describe how hard that ending hit

I'm madly in love with all of the Gen 8 starters but I can only choose one so I guess I'm choosing GROOKEY

everyone wins though!!!

sweet creator, deliver me from this Web

there's sincere discourse about reclaiming the word "gamer" from the gaters and I want out

This is completely besides the point but actual respect looks very different from shrugging and hand-waving someone away

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Why do dudes that like to argue online always end up saying something like: "I don't agree but it's okay, I respect your stance."

Like?? This was never about who deserves your respect??? I don't want or need that. I need you to not be an asshole/bigot, I couldn't care less what you think about ME

Anyone have a games that they're dying to recommend? I'm vaguely aware of a handful but I'd love to hear which ones people are passionate about specifically

@jackleveledup <tangent> what I can't believe is in this day and age of reverse google image search, there are still people who post art and say they don't know who the artist is.

large image hunting is a Craft. sometimes they just don't exist, so then it's time to whip out the tablet and remove all the jpeg artifacts off the big but shitty scans...

Nobody told me when I became a web designer how much of my life I would spend trying to track down higher resolution versions of images


I know I'm fuckin going through it when I catch myself looking at reddit, of all places. I swore that place off ages ago and yet somehow I've caught myself looking for comfort there twice today

The endgame grind is no joke...I started seriously preparing for HMS like a week ago and despite having a nearly maxed out adventurer I'm not even remotely close.

shout outs to the 3 people that have indulged my dumb post, I honestly needed an outlet for my anxious energy. it helped!

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It's me, DJ Social Anxiety, in the cut with another high BPM mix: "spending 20 minutes trying to figure out how to write a three sentence email"

Anybody have DLC predictions? I'm interested in your ideas whether they're realistic or absolute fantasy

Game of the Year season is rapidly approaching, and I have one month left to squeeze things in!

What games caught you off guard this year?

No spoilers here but that Dragon Quest XI true ending is some extremely rad shit, let me tell you

dropped a ton of money on a standing desk like a TRUE NARC

hopefully I'll get that money back someday by not developing scoliosis or heart disease? maybe?

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