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Hey! I'm Jack, and I'm a fan of games (especially ), , , and social equity. Is that a weird combo...?

I love to write for fun, especially on games/anime and the culture around them. My goals are:
- to reflect on my own emotional experiences with media
- to critique with nuance, respect, and understanding
- to try and make the fandom a nicer, more empathetic place in any small way I can

If that sounds cool to you, don't be afraid to say hi!

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The endgame grind is no joke...I started seriously preparing for HMS like a week ago and despite having a nearly maxed out adventurer I'm not even remotely close.

shout outs to the 3 people that have indulged my dumb post, I honestly needed an outlet for my anxious energy. it helped!

It's me, DJ Social Anxiety, in the cut with another high BPM mix: "spending 20 minutes trying to figure out how to write a three sentence email"

Anybody have DLC predictions? I'm interested in your ideas whether they're realistic or absolute fantasy

Game of the Year season is rapidly approaching, and I have one month left to squeeze things in!

What games caught you off guard this year?

No spoilers here but that Dragon Quest XI true ending is some extremely rad shit, let me tell you

dropped a ton of money on a standing desk like a TRUE NARC

hopefully I'll get that money back someday by not developing scoliosis or heart disease? maybe?

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What's hilarious is this is a very specific shot I'm taking but you'll never be able to determine which one I'm talking about

(also not to be disingenuous, there are some critics on YT that I really love and learn a lot from)

What if critical analysis of video games on YouTube, but not a white dude that loves Dark Souls running through his list of gripes for 45 minutes

Music is far from my expertise, but I very much want to get better at writing about it, so this was my way of challenging myself. If you notice any mistakes, I would be more than happy to learn and correct them 💖

If you're anything like me, you've been obsessing over every single day since it came out. But something's had me puzzled - why is the battle theme called "Rude Buster"?

In my latest, I explore how the song's structure mirrors the game's:

I'm hoping to publish something of some variety before the weekend's done. I'm participating in the 2018 Game-Off too - still plenty of time to join that if you're interested!

I'm taking the excuse to get my hands dirty with PICO-8 and game dev in general, so don't be afraid even if you're new!

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toby fox is an absolute madman
the motifs in this song from deltarune. the lategame sax melody. lightning really does strike twice y'all

The final Smash Nintendo Direct is going to be 40 minutes long on Thursday

which means I need to be able to hold my breath for an entire 40 minutes or asphyxiate waiting for Isaac from Golden Sun

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