Mastodon is a platform I'd LOVE to see succeed, but tragically, I don't have a community here.

If you're reading this and have an emotional connection to JRPGs, anime, giant robots, or something like that...don't be afraid to reach out! 💖


Are you kidding me? I grew up on JRPGs. Final Fantasy IV blew my mind as a kid, I still have my copies of #RevelationsPersona and #ValkyrieProfile and I've spent my whole adult life writing stories and novels that are basically heavy metal + anime + JRPG meta-fanfic.


@starbreaker It might be dramatic of me to say FF4 was "life-changing," but I distinctly remember playing that game and knowing I was hooked on the genre for life. Though if I'm completely honest, 6 is probably the one that really locked me in.

Your stories sounds awesome too - I'm looking forward to seeing your work!

@jackleveledup The reason FFIV grabbed me was that Cecil Harvey possessed a certain complexity that TBH is lacking in most JRPG protagonists.

For those who never played, we meet Cecil Harvey as he and the army he commands flies home after committing a war crime; they attacked and pillaged a peaceful community of magicians, and Cecil has doubts about whether they were right to do so.


For having questioned his king, Cecil is stripped of his position as captain of the Red Wings and given what was meant to be a suicide mission but only serves to further stain his hands with innocent blood as he unwittingly destroys a village of summoners.

This is pretty much the first hour of a game that came out in 1991, and it features a profoundly flawed protagonist seeking atonement. It was pretty damn heavy at the time.


PS: More FFIV goodness at


@jackleveledup how long have you been here? I definitely already see Mastodon as a success. Having been here since April 2017.

Try writing an #introduction, add hashtags for your interests and then follow them through and see who you find!

@maloki I guess I'd call myself a lapsed lurker. This was my first time actually posting, and it's been going great in these past few minutes alone. Thank you, I appreciate the advice!

@jackleveledup posting is usually the first step.

Again I'd recommend writing a stand alone introduction post, as it will give you clickable links to find other people with similar interests!

@jackleveledup Don't forget to use hashtags to help people find you :)

@jackleveledup @densetsunogomez @adamk678 Kinda frustrating because the last three games in the series have all been action spin offs: the Japan only MMO, Evolved, and now Left Alive.

I heard about Dual Gear potentially being a nice sucessor but that's still in development.

Oh hello there :blobowo:
I'm Shad, I like anime, i'm waiting for Voltron s7 and i'm probably gonna spend the night from friday to saturday live-tooting my joy&despair over it. If that didn't scare you... Nice to meet you !

@jackleveledup Hey! I love JRPGs! (though I spend most of my time on school and :stardewvalley: right now) As a child my favorite game was #Earthbound and I would break my heart over and over playing #Mother3. Nowadays I stick to #Falcom's games. I love the #Trails / #Kiseki series. If you want, I can rant at you about it. 😉 I wanna know what games we have in common!

@lapis Hard to go wrong with Falcom! I've played a handful of Ys games and the English Cold Steel games so far, and have been looking for the right time to play the Sky trilogy. It's been a busy year for me but I'm hoping sometime soonish I can get started on that!

@jackleveledup We're all around you... (Half of us are degenerates who are probably muted on MastSoc, but anyway.)

@jackleveledup taaaaaag those things so people can find your post

idk why i have to tell this to everyone...

@grainloom Appreciate the advice. I have to imagine it's no small task to teach us scrubs that tags are not only okay, but *good* to use on this platform.

Hashtags are kinda dominated by capitalist interests on the largest social media platforms, and I have to imagine the aversion is a result of that association? Just my guess!

@jackleveledup yeah, probably. Some people seem to have this ingrained... thing, where they consider any more than ~3 tags, idk, attention whoring or something.
But we don't have full-text search and even if we did, that wouldn't be enough to group topics, so that leaves tags.

@jackleveledup I have an emotional connection to JRPGs (fave game of all time is Paper Mario N64), no fan of anime, but I make up for it because I LOVE giant robots (and basically all other robots)

Hi there!
Not much in your stuff myself, but if i may give my 2 cents worth of advice, have a look through # of your interests.
Wish you to find what & who you're looking for, and a tremendous time in the fediverse.

@CountZero thanks so much for the advice, I'll definitely do that. cheers!

Forgot to mention: I quite liked TWEWY and Radiant Historia and Chrono Trigger I guess? Does that count?

@grainloom that absolutely counts, those are some excellent picks!

@jackleveledup !!! I've not thought about Golden Sun in ages. I still feel bad about never finishing the sequel. I should dig my cart up

@Canageek ohhh it's a really great ending too! if you ever get the time I think it would totally be worth it

@jackleveledup Definitely. Really into the Gundam franchise, Mazinger, Getter, Gunbuster, Voltron, etc. I even build a bit of gunpla.

For JRPGs, too many to name, but... Dragon Quest III, Parasite Eve, the Jade Cocoon series, Mother 3, the Lunar series, FF IV, Live a Live, the Shin Megami Tensei games, and TWEWY were all really big games for me growing up.

@jackleveledup @jackleveledup Oh do wanna say that I really liked the use of the DJinns in Golden Sun for puzzle solving. Since there aren't many other JRPGs with that focus that I can think of off the top of my head except for Lufia 2 and Wild Arms 2.

@badwrongfun YESSSSS that's one of my favorite parts! Sounds like I need to play Wild Arms 2 ASAP because I absolutely love the puzzles in Golden Sun and Lufia 2

@jackleveledup Mind you, I think the first three all have that "tools" system. 2 is just the one I remember making the most use out of it. Though 3 definitely has the best story in the series.

@jackleveledup heyyy! i am also always looking for more people to interaact with on here :) also good to see another valkyria chronicles fan!

@shoofle ahhhh for sure, it's one of the best! have you tried out the demo for 4 yet? It's obviously still early to make calls, but my first impression is that it's hitting me in the same ways the original did

@jackleveledup Huge fan of jrpgs here, more for the stories than the mechanics though

@Felthry there's a lot of JRPG fans like yourself! these games are often feel-good stories with enough drama to keep it engaging, but things generally work out positively, and I think that's comforting and neat.

@jackleveledup they don't always work out positively though. Just look at Final Fantasy VI, one of the best of the genre.

ffvi spoilers 

ffvi spoilers 

ffvi spoilers 

@jackleveledup and now that I'm thinking about best-of-all-time lists, hmm

In no particular order

Chrono Trigger
Baten Kaitos
Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Xillia
Tales of the Abyss
Radiant Historia
Wild Arms 3
Suikoden 2
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

@jackleveledup I really wanted to put Morrowind on there but that's a WRPG, not a JRPG
Also considered putting Xenoblade Chronicles, 1 or 2 or both, but eh, the fanservice problem those games have works against them somewhat, as well as the phoned-in sidequest system of the first one

Stories are fantastic though.

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