Mastodon is a platform I'd LOVE to see succeed, but tragically, I don't have a community here.

If you're reading this and have an emotional connection to JRPGs, anime, giant robots, or something like that...don't be afraid to reach out! 💖

@jackleveledup how long have you been here? I definitely already see Mastodon as a success. Having been here since April 2017.

Try writing an #introduction, add hashtags for your interests and then follow them through and see who you find!


@maloki I guess I'd call myself a lapsed lurker. This was my first time actually posting, and it's been going great in these past few minutes alone. Thank you, I appreciate the advice!

@jackleveledup posting is usually the first step.

Again I'd recommend writing a stand alone introduction post, as it will give you clickable links to find other people with similar interests!

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