Mastodon is a platform I'd LOVE to see succeed, but tragically, I don't have a community here.

If you're reading this and have an emotional connection to JRPGs, anime, giant robots, or something like that...don't be afraid to reach out! 💖

@jackleveledup Definitely. Really into the Gundam franchise, Mazinger, Getter, Gunbuster, Voltron, etc. I even build a bit of gunpla.

For JRPGs, too many to name, but... Dragon Quest III, Parasite Eve, the Jade Cocoon series, Mother 3, the Lunar series, FF IV, Live a Live, the Shin Megami Tensei games, and TWEWY were all really big games for me growing up.

@jackleveledup @jackleveledup Oh do wanna say that I really liked the use of the DJinns in Golden Sun for puzzle solving. Since there aren't many other JRPGs with that focus that I can think of off the top of my head except for Lufia 2 and Wild Arms 2.


@badwrongfun YESSSSS that's one of my favorite parts! Sounds like I need to play Wild Arms 2 ASAP because I absolutely love the puzzles in Golden Sun and Lufia 2

@jackleveledup Mind you, I think the first three all have that "tools" system. 2 is just the one I remember making the most use out of it. Though 3 definitely has the best story in the series.

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