@b0mb I don't like this at all. (Very) Wrong feminists are still feminists... This is basically whitewashing.

@b0mb do you whitewash the racism of the first wave too???

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feminism, TERFs 

@b0mb @jackolas i think how i resolve this in my mind, is how reactionary TERFs are in regards to new developments within feminism, savior mentality

this is like saying the first wave is as valid as the second wave despite developments made to include women of color, id rather say the second wave as a result is a greater stage without necessarily discrediting the first wave

that being said, when you are alive to see the new developments, how you regard them is important

feminism, TERFs 

@b0mb @jackolas i wouldnt call this whitewashing, i would call this "why are we allowing reactionaries to stand as the old guard from some sort of high ground?"

aka, feminism-appropriating, if we deem feminism as an evolving struggle against inequality of all contexts

something id wager to say even TERFs believe in but fail to enact in this way

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