For a while now I’ve thought about building an open source / SaaS church site CMS thingy that would let small churches get an online presence (address, beliefs, service times / ministries, etc) without a lot of effort or cost. Do you folks think there’s a need for such a service / software?

You mean like a directory?
Me thinks, as a website, yes.
Dunno about making software just for that. 🤔 I mean people would need to know about the software, get it and then use it to find churches and ministries. (Maybe I'm misunderstanding the usage/purpose.)
A website would be searchable/discoverable, whether or not people are aware of the website's existence.

@evelyn thanks for the reply! I’m thinking more of a homepage for churches that perhaps want more than a Facebook page (for example) but don’t have the time / expertise to run build a customised Wordpress site or whatever. :) By extension you could build a directory of all the sites you host (SaaS app), but that wouldn’t be the primary function. Such SaaS services already exist, though I would prefer something that has an open source component for self-hosting also.

@evelyn as for the SaaS component, I’d want it to be a free service. The existing services I’ve seen are expensive!

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