Considered setting up a Mastodon instance tonight for the community but got 2 mins into the docs and lost interest very quickly. I haven’t done much system admin work in recent years and it would be good to brush up on my skills, but I also don’t want to set something up that’ll become a burden.

Just followed a bunch of new folks who introduced themselves in past 24 hours. I still can’t find a single person I know on here!

I don’t recall ever having sung the hymn “Secret Prayer” at church, but I really like this version of it:

Reading “George Muller of Bristol and His Witness to a Prayer Hearing God” by A. T. Pierson has made me reflect on how wasteful I’ve been with my money. This book is a wonderful read if you get the oppirtunity.

@keelancook better than dropping it into a large pot of boiling oil? :)

@zudn might be overkill, but Mattermore is pretty neat and is easy to run if you don’t mind self-hosting.

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find TV shows that you can watch as a family with small children, but we’ve been enjoying “All-Round Champion” and A “Week to Beat the World” (though the latter was filmed in 2019).

@evelyn as for the SaaS component, I’d want it to be a free service. The existing services I’ve seen are expensive!

@evelyn thanks for the reply! I’m thinking more of a homepage for churches that perhaps want more than a Facebook page (for example) but don’t have the time / expertise to run build a customised Wordpress site or whatever. :) By extension you could build a directory of all the sites you host (SaaS app), but that wouldn’t be the primary function. Such SaaS services already exist, though I would prefer something that has an open source component for self-hosting also.

For a while now I’ve thought about building an open source / SaaS church site CMS thingy that would let small churches get an online presence (address, beliefs, service times / ministries, etc) without a lot of effort or cost. Do you folks think there’s a need for such a service / software?

New to @Mastodon — why does the iOS app not have a local/global view like the web app does?


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