I enjoyed listening to this Corecursive podcast interview with "Zig" author Andrew Kelly.

Great post by iximiuz about , and : what each role focuses on, how they relate to each other and what the differences are.

Julia Evans giving great advice as usual!
How to make your (code) examples relevant to the reader:

If you are curious about -as-code with , I can highly recommend this video series.
The videos are short (10-15) and packed with insights about Pulumi.

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grex is a really impressive tool that generates a small regex for a given set of string inputs: github.com/pemistahl/grex#53--

There's a live instance you can play with at: regex.help/

Amazing Repo to get started with Prometheus and Grafana on Docker Swarm:

A very straightforward and clean LaTeX Beamer theme I will use for my seminar paper presentation: Focus

The first half hour of this talk is basically a really nice introduction to AWS Lambdas:

A brief article introducing DevOps, Infrastructure-as-Code and OASIS TOSCA

I was trying to find out how AWS CodePipeline, CodeDeploy, CodeBuild etc. actually work together. Their website just tells me how awesome it is.
Here someone did a really comprehensive tutorial.
TLDR: it's a mess and basically unusable.

I just started using [Zotero](zotero.org/) for Reference Management and I'm really loving it!
Very good product, easy to use and works out of the box!
Unfortunately, there is no Debian package available, but their tar Installer worked flawlessly.
Also the Firefox Addon is super handy for quickly saving websites and articles while browsing.

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@sir yeah, I think https://research.swtch.com/deps quite points what wrong and what should be done with dependencies.

I just found this cool website that allows you to check whether an outgoing port is open/blocked on your internet connection:


Useful when you have connectivity problems behind a restrictive firewall!

I'm having a great day planning my next trip in Denmark with Wikivoyage!

I think it provides a nice, relatively unbiased and honest (compared to e.g. TripAdvisor) introduction to an area.

@mmarif Thank you for creating GitNex!
I'm really happy someone has finally created a Gitea companion app!

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Nürnberg sieht #Uploadfilter kritisch. 1500 bis 2000 Personen haben heute ihre Meinung kundgetan 💪


"Our teeth don’t fit [our jaw] because they evolved instead to match the longer jaw that would develop in a more challenging strain environment. Ours are too short because we don’t give them the workout nature expects us to."


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