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Really liking this new little menubar widget for the ecosystem apps.

Someone in the sea of posts mentioned and that sent me in a minor facts excursion. I wasn't aware there was a place called Wendland.

I had known that Swedish kings before the current one were styled "King of Svear, Goths and Wends", and I knew that Wends were supposed to be some people on the south coast of the Baltic.

I had always thought this had some connection to… but now I learned that the geography isn't entirely right: Wendland is south of Hamburg, not at the coast. Also, the first Swedish king "of the Wends" was and Swedish Pomerania wasn't Swedish until after the Thirty Years' wars, a century after Gustav I.

Turns out, the term "Wends" was archaic already in the 1500s, but Danish kings had taken the title "King of the Wends" since they conquered Mecklenburg in the 1100s. Gustav took the title just to stick it to the Dane.

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I live in the Bay Area so if you're still coming to the GDC vicinity, send me a DM and we can meet up.

I help run a co-working event at The MADE in Oakland on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I'll probably be at one or both of those and so will a bunch of other local developers.


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