My late mother was a nurse. When she was doing general medical, she had to put up with shit. Sometimes literally. I support our nurses. They’ve been undervalued and underpaid for too long.

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When I say she put up with shit, I remember her story about a patient and clearing his fæces because he was in severe discomfort. I am serious. Sorry to be gross, but, frankly, what we have been paying nurses in the 2010s is pathetic.

@jackyan I'm willing to come out of private mode to affirm this a bit more publicly (as we've discussed this before). Nurses DO work very hard and I agree, they DO deserve much better pay. For those that don't know- I've been ill enough to see with my own two eyes, in regards to my own care.

@jaklumen We’ve heard reports here of nurses being paid NZ$27 an hour. Some on-call ones, who do a lot of work outside of their prescribed hours, worked out they were on less than NZ$10 an hour. That’s below the poverty line. Neoliberal policies have really screwed them over for 30-plus years here. Ours walked off the job for 24 hours yesterday, and rightly so, in my opinion.

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