I have a reckon.

If your job involves sitting at desk on a computer for hours then you should have a nice desk, a nice chair and a nice screen.


@Br3nda Iʼve spent a lot of time figuring out these things. Youʼre totally right, and sadly the majority of peripherals (at least for me) are ill-suited to the task.

Keyboards should be no wider than 40 cm wide, for starters. Maybe 41 cm, tops. But the standard keyboard has a right-handed person reaching too far to the right for the mouse.

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@Br3nda I canʼt speak as authoritatively about mice since I have large hands, so my needs differ from the majority. But the best mouse ever made for my comfort is no longer around, and it has been very tough finding a substitute.

@Br3nda So do I, which is why I get what some call the '90 per cent' keyboards. How are you finding your numeric keypad?

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