I've been absent from here for a bit. Too much life going on.

But I'm gonna try to be back.

What did I miss?

@phil_tanner hey, how’s it going?

I’ve missed a few days & am trying to catch up.

@heyrochelle busy here! Too many things going on. But generally good.

How you doing?

@phil_tanner A bit of a wreck to be honest. I’m in a sling they call a collar and cuffs, I have carers starting tomorrow. Just glad to Finally be home and not in the hospital.

Short version: I tripped and fell and have collected a break in my humerus, a sprained ankle, and a loose tooth. You might have seen my post about it, I think I put something up a few days ago.

*Random capitals are a feature of voice to text.

@heyrochelle omg that sounds dreadful! So sorry to hear that ....

Glad you're getting some care at least.

@phil_tanner Yeah apparently it’s not good. Five nights seems a long time to spend in hospital for a broken bone, especially when they have decided not to operate. I normally blow things off but this seems more serious I think.

I’m hoping care goes okay this afternoon. I’m quite nervous about it. 😕


@heyrochelle Hoping for a speedy recovery and we can keep your mind off stuff till the carer comes! @phil_tanner

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