In my blog: Life inside Google—an ex-Googler airs the dirty laundry

In my blog: Don’t group Chinese New Zealanders into one faceless bunch

At Font Police: Co-what? There’s terrible kerning in the To pair, and the final...

In my blog: The Facebook and Twitter purge: you can violate policies by doing nothing

The top sites in , and it appears you can’t edit them. Who uses Google, Gmail and Facebook so much that they need to be on top? So retro 2006.

In my blog: Autocade hits 14,000,000 page views, and we start a YouTube channel

Beware: beyond the interests that tracks (regardless of whether you have opted out), they have added a new section called ‘Your categories’ (and they’re populating that without your permission, too). Have a look here:

In my blog: Google censors at every level—it’s just what they do

Plus’s top items’ top comments: ‘sex sex sex’.

At Font Police: Can’t, or won’t? There’s an obvious appeal to doing it yourself...

In my blog: Google exposed private user data between 2015 and 2018

At Font Police: Not as good as gold When creating a logo, it pays to use one...

At Font Police: Encountered When you’re sticking bits to a sign, make sure you...

Deleting email embedded images from my old 500 Gbyte hard drive (now an external) takes a while …

In my blog: Twitter stutters and other Big Tech misadventures

Oh well, no more messaging for me. It won’t let me type, but it will let me send images, so for now, this is what I am sending.

Lots of spammers from Myanmar today in Facebook.

In my blog: The easy-to-spot signs of the social media racist

I’m pretty sure Te Reo Māori is spoken in Tauranga, or am I missing something?

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