In my blog: A chain of events that led to my Dad being effectively starved today

In my blog: Instagram’s slow frame rate is probably down to an incompatibility with Android 7

Didn’t realize emojis were obliqued in italic settings.

This fact pisses me off, too, when it comes to Grace.

The Peruvian jaguar. Less lethal than rape culture.

Among the most useless notifications.

Meizu needs to think through is international app store. After writing a review, there’s no way of submitting the feedback, as the keyboard obscures the buttons.

At Font Police: T-cross When using symbols, make sure they can’t be interpreted...

In my blog: YouTube tracks you even when you’ve signed out and blocked their cookies

Now, if I have no devices, how can I have Play installed? (Incidentally, I don’t, but my first Android phone did have the whole suite of Google spyware, thanks to Vodafone.)

In my blog: Meizu’s made it harder to switch OSes and root the M6 Note—at least I managed the latter

In my blog: It takes 10 years (and sometimes 50) for the establishment to wake up

I can’t be the only person who thinks of this when Captain America is mentioned.

In my blog: Why paywalls are getting more prevalent; and The Guardian Weekly rethought

In my blog: The double standards on the Ross affair are equally to do with race

At Font Police: The death of kerning Photographed at the Singapore General...

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