At Font Police: Eggsecrable The typographic crimes here are too numerous to...

How do you view your content on a page again? You used to just visit the page but I guess there’s a trick now. (Yes, I have tried reloading.)

In my blog: In line with what I discovered in 2011: Google tracks your location even after opting out

In my blog: Eighty-three today with Alzheimer’s: a caregiver’s viewpoint

Should have been done at the beginning of July—my quarterly archiving and file clearing.

In my blog: Keeping the Victoria in Victoria University of Wellington

This image from On the Buses was in my head last night, then I read about’s journey on Metlink this morning. I’m glad everyone’s safe, as things could have been a lot worse.

Domain registrar offers me a free Whois guard. Then suspends my domain names because it cannot verify my address—because they began sending verification emails to the Whois guard address of and not my real one. Then claims that was the email all along.

Strange capitalization. I reckon I can figure out where this spammer got their database from.

In my blog: The EU lands Google with another fine—but will Google change?

In my blog: The decline continues: Facebook pages no longer accept YouTube links

In my blog: Musk apologies to Unsworth, only because teacher told him to

Oh dear. Autoweek needs to be more careful with its subbing.

Is Wetransfer down?

Not a biggie, I just used Smash instead.

Pretty easy to find bots on . Just as with in 2014, I ask: if I can find them, and they are still there after days, then why can’t Instagram get rid of them?

subtitles tell the full story about Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Instagram claims that your ad preferences are controlled inside Facebook. If that’s the case, why does Instagram keep a totally different set of preferences on you? More lies by Facebook, I suspect. You can find your list when logging on to Instagram on a desktop browser.

In my blog: Neil Gaiman on JY Integrity on his UK paperbacks

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