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Jack Yan @jackyan@mastodon.social

Don’t understand how this @microsoft Technet website works. I can’t reply, they want me to create a profile, yet I’m signed in which would logically suggest I have a profile, and I can’t create a profile anyway because my profile exists. I believe this is how Windows 10 works. mastodon.social/media/DDGDlfk6

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if Google Translate worked on something I wrote.

I can say that that English translation is certainly not what I meant. mastodon.social/media/csiVl5-2

Via Twitter—one could read this title completely wrongly. mastodon.social/media/EB8fxioh

Fourteen gigs of temp files. I was wondering about the huge reduction in HD space. Still don’t know why, mind. mastodon.social/media/YPxt1iuS