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Jack Yan (甄爵恩) @jackyan@mastodon.social

Requested removal from a list for a web development and email marketing company.

This is the page that comes up.

Not a good advertisement given what they claim to do as their job.

In my blog: Zuckerberg was either wilfully ignorant or lied during his testimony about ad data collection dlvr.it/QPtPrc

In my blog: Cambridge Analytica is merely Facebook’s ‘smaller, less ambitious sibling’ dlvr.it/QPYXyT

Never sold through this Trade Me thing before. Caveat venditor: don’t use their shipping calculator. Just took a big hit on something I sold for $6·50.

Three of @AirAsia@twitter.com’s subsidiaries (two of which I have never dealt with) have also uploaded my private information to Facebook. Why? Under what clause in your T&Cs? How did these subsidiaries get it?

There is an entirely new section in your Facebook ad preferences on advertisers who have uploaded their lists into the system. As this page has been very dodgy in the past, I suggest we all check it. facebook.com/ads/preferences

In my blog: Turned alcohol ads off in Facebook? Did you honestly think they’d respect that? dlvr.it/QP2WnZ

I’ve heard of looking up old friends, but this is ridiculous.

Either veteran journalist and my former fellow Good Morning panellist Barry Soper is going to become Leader of the Opposition, or the journalists at The New Zealand Herald need to learn how to use the colon. mastodon.social/media/lJpHF7oi

Don’t understand how this @microsoft Technet website works. I can’t reply, they want me to create a profile, yet I’m signed in which would logically suggest I have a profile, and I can’t create a profile anyway because my profile exists. I believe this is how Windows 10 works. mastodon.social/media/DDGDlfk6

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if Google Translate worked on something I wrote.

I can say that that English translation is certainly not what I meant. mastodon.social/media/csiVl5-2

Fourteen gigs of temp files. I was wondering about the huge reduction in HD space. Still don’t know why, mind. mastodon.social/media/YPxt1iuS