The WCC has a big ad on the back of Our Wellington telling us to enrol to vote. Website is . All I get is a blank page. Anyone else?

I hear rumours that might destroy a Matra-Simca Bagheera. We HKers did that in the old colonial days, in the film Security Unlimited (1980). It’s British humour, what.

Love Rocketman but there was one scene which reminded me, ‘Oh, that’s right, it’s a movie’ rather than be immersed in it. It’s this one, and we’re meant to believe it’s 1970.

Can’t believe our blender died after only 40 years. They just don’t make stuff to last these days.

In my blog: How to lose readers: accuse them of something they don’t or wouldn’t do

People wonder why I use instead of Word. Aside from the obvious ease of use, here’s what a Word HTML output looks like. And this is from an earlier version that puts in less code!

Say you wanted photos of 1960s front-engined Ferraris. What’s more accurate, Google or

At Font Police: Three feet high Where do we begin? Here’s a billboard for...

Those are some bloody broad groups. Asian? (Well, I suppose I have some things in common with Kazakhs, Asiatic Russians, Iraqis and Persians—oh, hang on, there’s an overlap!) I’ll let the other groups speak for themselves. (From a WCC survey.)

In my blog: No longer a customer, Lumino still gives me reason to be wary about how they handle my private data

Crazy that a factually correct, non-promotional, uniquely written answer on is marked as spam. You really have to wonder about these algorithms among US websites. (Appealed.)

Tell me, , how could I have clicked on these ads when I only venture in to your site to do some client work, then leave again? You must be conning your advertisers by reporting this back to them. And no, I haven’t heard of this party on Instagram, either.

At Font Police: Sight unseen It’s important to think about contrast for your...

Good on you, Vivaldi. I wouldn’t trust that dodgy site called Google, either.

In my blog: There must be a different metric system on our roads these days

Yeah, looks like I will need a sparky to sort out some new ethernet connections in this house. Mains modem is good but not cutting it.

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