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Jack Yan (甄爵恩) @jackyan@mastodon.social

Is YouTube dead? Never seen this before.

Sorry, Last Week Tonight, I’d love to watch this clip but Google won’t let me.

Whatsapp geek , from @TestingSaaS@twitter.com.

Another week, another page bug. (Probably daily if I actually used Facebook like I used to.) This is all I can do with mine: look at a partially loaded page. No typing, no status updates, no changing the cover photo. Useless as heck.

Renault NZ is running a competition and suggests I ask some fiends to enter. Anyone know any? I tend not to hang out with fiends.

Instagram is not impressed when I try to upload a 9½-minute video.

In my blog: The end of US ’net neutrality: another step toward the corporate internet dlvr.it/QWz4rr

Do others see the images on this page upside-down? Maybe they’re trying to make some joke about Australia but it does the story no favours. hooniverse.com/2013/10/30/the-

Here’s Google telling me Firefox is unsupported and suggesting that I download Firefox.

Really confused. ‘The Q7 is shorter and lower than the Q7’. And apparently it’s 27 m wider. I knew those Audi SUVs were big but there’s no way you’d fit a 27 m-wide vehicle on the road!

Bizarre. What country uses this date convention?! It’s from Automotive News China. And I can tell you now China doesn’t use it.

I still have a account to update work pages. Except I have no idea how to update them any more since I’m not on there much and obviously things changed. There’s no status update box any more, so how do we update now?

Julian Assange may not be connected at the Ecuadorian Embassy, but you can resort to snail mail.

My phone started having selective DNS issues today. Some sites would work, others wouldn’t. It wasn’t the ISP, as it turned out. Once rebooted, it was fine. Twitter was one of the sites it couldn’t reach.

In my blog: If FCA kills Chrysler today, then it’s another chapter in a company weakening its brands dlvr.it/QVqsCr

I don’t want to download your app, . I just want to get rid of this overlay, and I can’t.

Pro tip: most people put a small × in the corner.

Guess it’s been a while since I used this Yahoo! thing.

In my blog: People are waking up to Wikipedia’s abuses dlvr.it/QV3dLJ

Are folks in the US still upset over ‘Hanoi Jane’?

@lucire’s job’s to report, and if Fonda was there, we might run a photo of her. Caveat lector.

In my blog: Autocade hits 13 million; and what’s the deal with Nissan’s withdrawal from mainstream passenger cars? dlvr.it/QTWz1C