In China, Party control Chinese. In New Zealand, Chinese control Party!

In my blog: Life inside Google—an ex-Googler airs the dirty laundry

Instead of using the JLR hashtag (which to me stands for Jaguar Land Rover), I’m going to try . Or just . Probably won’t catch on, but you’ve got to give it a go.

I've known for years BMI is not a great measurement, but "BMI = weight / height^2" consciously violates the square-cube law: it should be height^3. It's explicitly designed to be mathematically disproportionate.

The rise and rise of Bench: from humble beginnings with a T-shirt business, to an empire that spans #fashion and beauty on a worldwide basis, Ben Chan tells @jackyan about his philosophy as Bench’s creative director #benchtm #business #Pinoy

In my blog: Don’t group Chinese New Zealanders into one faceless bunch

Another day, another three dozen bots in a group queue. They definitely do not have this under control.

Had talked about reducing my Twitter time over the last few months, but with politics like this, how can I?

Props to Wellington Hospital A&E staff today.

The net result is that my opinion of my injured left index finger is roughly the same as Simon Bridges’ opinion of Maureen Pugh a few months back.

The last time a conservative whip was this sneaky, he was called Francis Urquhart.

At Font Police: Co-what? There’s terrible kerning in the To pair, and the final...

On discussing racial worth, I note that Pugh gets an apology, Chinese and Indian NZers don’t.

In a bid to win National Party clients, I’m changing my business slogan to ‘Worth more than my mate Krishna.’

As a car nut, means Jaguar Land Rover, and I shan’t be budging on that.

Nicely arranged media scrum for at the Wellington cop shop.

In my blog: The Facebook and Twitter purge: you can violate policies by doing nothing

"The techlash has undoubtedly caused a lot of pain for many this year. But the worst thing that could happen is for the tech industry to fail to learn the lessons that are emerging. #Mozilla deserve credit for trying hard to properly understand the implications of what’s been happening and develop a deliberate vision for how to move forward."

The processing queue :sidekiq: got stuck for some reason (bad Postgresql transaction?), resulting in delays in pretty much everything, but especially the home timelines.

You will now notice the home timeline catching up, among other things.

Sorry for the trouble.

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