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Jack Yan (甄爵恩) @jackyan@mastodon.social

Nothing new here, I’ve been able to do (nearly) 10-minute videos on Instagram since April, on the regular app. (Link via @happyfishmedia@twitter.com.) news.cgtn.com/news/3d3d674e355

When TV1 said Baby Clarcinda was 3·31 kg, I (and I am sure a whole bunch of people over a certain age) was going, ‘I have no idea if that’s a big or a little baby.’

(She’s 7 lb 5 oz in old money.)

Thinking about using Mastodon as my main social network, with automated Toots going to Twitter.

Yes, I know they meant it is now the Manawatu–Whanganui Regional Council, but that’s not how the piece was introduced.

I may have recalled this wrongly, but I’m sure I heard the radio news say that the Horizons Regional Council has officially opted to adopt an h in its spelling. Had no idea it used to be the Orizons Regional Council.

Internet in 2008: "The rise of social media will usher-in a techo-libertarian marketplace of ideas."
Internet in 2018: "According to this Instagram model, drinking two liters of apple cider vinegar per day will make me immortal."

We’re up to ‘Planet of the Spiders’ in . Pity, Pertwee was my Doctor growing up* and of the old series, his stories were my favourite. Farewell to Mike Yates in this serial, too. twitch.tv/twitchpresents

* Although T. Baker was current, I watched repeats.

As four of you over the last fortnight were unaware of this, a reminder to all drivers in Wellington: a green light means go.

In the tradition of the legend: John Wayne Cancer Institute Odyssey Ball raises US$500,000 dlvr.it/QXwN0s

@thinkMoult You’re most welcome! At the moment, the users are a decent bunch of folks. I imagine it will be like any medium: if the masses discover it, it could descend (e.g. email before spammers). For now, I’m enjoying being among some nice people!

Calling for a celebration: Culinary Institute of America, Audobon Society, and Otis College of Art and Design play host dlvr.it/QXszPw

Miss Universe New Zealand 2018 retreat: fireworks in Pattaya dlvr.it/QXwBGp

@thinkMoult Welcome to Mastodon! I hope you have a nice time here.

二月穿煲 尐大話關於佢哋嘅 malware 警報. 想搵嘅記者寫呢篇二年. wired.com/story/facebook-manda

呢度支持中國, 睇住美國衰. 川普靠唔住, 成日扯淡.

My friend Kelsey has left Heartbreak Island, so there’s no more reason to watch … Actually, there never was.

But the other half had the remote first tonight …

Everything you need to know about season 37 of . (Yes, I carried on counting as though they didn’t reset the numbering in 2005.) digitalspy.com/tv/doctor-who/f