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More on Hong Kong's retaliation campaign against the lawyer and families who helped me defend your rights. Please help us keep them safe: t.co/DnK3iDGtBc (@4TheRefugees) t.co/RjGXvfPs11

@lazuli I hear you! Mastodon people do seem to be more civilized (at least at this point in 2018).

One of the people whose politics are closest to mine, Sean Kearney, has made other networks primary and I wonder if it’s time to do the same.

If you made it this far, then my question is: what are your thoughts?

There’s FOMO, of course, but I look at my friends who have resorted to contacting me on email knowing I’ve left Facebook, and there’s a whole world there—friends sharing good and bad news. Mastodon is young enough for the civility that once existed on Twitter to still be present.

For the last 11 years I have got a lot of my news from Twitter, and made and sustained friendships. Those people I will always value. But I find myself wondering whether this is all a waste of time, asking the same questions I did of Facebook last year.

Confucius believed that systems only work when that civility and refrain exist, when we try hard to bridge gaps in our understanding, and that seems a good way to live for me. Not a false superiority borne from racial or gender privilege.

She’s none of those things you expect of someone who voted the way she did—not a racist, not someone who doesn’t want to pay tax—but I won’t stand for folks abusing someone just because of where she put the tick on her voting form when they don’t know her.

I wonder if we are heading into an age where learning isn’t valued, where piling on someone for having a different viewpoint is some sort of badge of honour. I saw it recently with a friend—yes, friend—who voted Trump, and had to put up with some abuse from Tweeters.

I feel liberated for having given up Facebook for a year, making Twitter my social medium of choice. Yet no system (real or virtual) works without civility, a willingness to discuss and understand the other side, and participants prepared to learn. And I love learning.

I guess all technologies decline as they each resemble the real world more. There are still so many amazing people out there who will do the right thing—but oftentimes you feel that it’s time to head for pastures anew, such as Mastodon.

Earlier this week a chap went on the attack pretty quickly after I Tweeted about Julian Assange. No discussion. Just went for the jugular. Maybe I’m an idealist but that’s not what early Twitter was like—nor should current Twitter be like this.

Probe this more and they may well discover that their discontent has a common root—for instance the economic policies their politicians on both sides have pursued. (We’re not much better on this front.) So why the hate when the cause is the same, and maybe even the solution?

Sure, there are some who are so intolerant that that’s never possible (file them under lost causes), but oftentimes you find common threads. In the US, I’m seeing Democratic and Republican websites getting shut down, and they both have a common enemy there.

However, on social media there is a sense that some will dislike you for one thing (and no, this is nothing to do with my Tweet a few minutes ago, since I don’t know the reason) regardless of any other commonality. Me, I prefer seeing what we have in common and working together.

Maybe this is odd for some, but I have friends from all walks of life. Left and right. Leavers and Remainers. AM and FM.

Blocked by @beehax@twitter.com, which is a shame. Not sure what offended her since I liked what she had to say. Oh well, it’s just Twitter.

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