#facebook #surveillance harms everyone, never mind the #openwashing (which arguably makes things worse, making available spying tools for more people to exploit) https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/zmpgmx/facebook-stops-graph-search

When you find out from friends in the US that there was a tsunami warning here … Thank you, @cgdachenbach@twitter.com!

Yeah, motorheads care about this stuff. Don’t get me started on the appearance of Arial in the 1970s newspaper clippings.

Not being American, I may be a year out on the model years, but to my knowledge, that’s a 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car, 1974 Ford Thunderbird, 1981 Chevrolet Caprice, and 1980 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Love Rocketman but there was one scene which reminded me, ‘Oh, that’s right, it’s a movie’ rather than be immersed in it. It’s this one, and we’re meant to believe it’s 1970.

Ché Guevara does sound way cooler than Ernie Lynch.

Simply elegant: Malak Ahmed is one of a new generation of young up-and-coming Saudi #fashion designers. @anniewahab@twitter.com met with Malak to find out more lucire.com/2019/0613fe0.shtml #KSA

Hero products and ideas emerge at Secret Room Events’ pre-MTV Movie & TV Awards’ nominee lounge dlvr.it/R6btsb

The Scene: from celebrating Chinese fashion to fund-raising for Alzheimer’s dlvr.it/R6Y3V0

Fabletics, Maggie Ziegler announce activewear collaboration dlvr.it/R6XVDJ

When I look out my window at night, I am becoming convinced that I am The Last Man Awake in Tawa.™

This looks like Alec Baldwin’s best impression yet: John Z. , in the Framing John DeLorean. youtube.com/watch?v=FhyaYaK9lC

Chose not to see the film Shazam!. Watched enough episodes of the TV show with the same name (right down to the exclamation mark). youtube.com/watch?v=xaNUmZ5kq3

I was curious to see who shared D. J. Trump’s birthday. On this page, I only recognized Ché Guevara, Boy George, Paul O’Grady and Alan Carr. famousbirthdays.com/june14.htm

Is the eco wash mode on a dishwasher actually more eco? I see it uses a lower temperature (good) but the wash is twice as long (doubling wear and tear on the mechanicals?). If I have to buy a new dishwasher sooner, then that’s not very eco.

Filled up at Caltex Basin Reserve and Porirua the same day. Six cents per litre difference in price for 95 (Basin Reserve being the cheaper)!

Hearing that Caltex will no longer be part of the AA loyalty card points after July 31 …

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