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Jack Yan (甄爵恩) @jackyan@mastodon.social

Tried to start a #Twitter / #BirdSite account for switching. social, but looks like that's not going to happen after all.

As soon as I finished confirming my email address (hadn't even tweeted!), Twitter locked my account and demanded my phone number.

When I tried to appeal this locking, it brought up a message saying I had to pass a captcha and that Google (!) would collect information about me.

Every step is an attempt to gather far more data than they need.

#DeleteBirdsite #DeleteTwitter

Existential Comics v. Elon Musk on Twitter. Didn’t take long for that to descend into name-calling.

Festival de Cannes, day 5: 82 women stage protest; Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Helen Mirren, Kendall Jenner on red carpet dlvr.it/QShy9t #AishwaryaRai #AishwaryaRaiBachchan #AishwaryaatCannes


This is the official Mastodon account for the site switching.social.

It's a guide for non-technical people who are concerned about protecting their privacy online. It only lists easy-to-use sites and apps that are ethical and privacy-friendly.

You can find out more at switching.social

If you know someone who might benefit from this guide, please share the link with them!

#Introductions #NewHere #DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #ReplaceFacebook

It really looks like we have been mostly GDPR-compliant for a long time. The new regulations put a few more duties on us but my approach has always been: how would I like my data to be treated? Then I do the same for our sites’ visitors. Tiny things had to change but we’re in a good space.

there's so much we can do with instances. I believe if we do it right we can make the world a better place by giving people a way to connect with each other that was not possible before. for that we need to bridge online and offline. don't just put up a server, but think about using your instance as a way to connect people in real life and bring new or existing communities together.

I thought Nissan's decision to stop selling passenger cars here was just a simple case of supply and demand, but the official explanation is essentially "we couldn’t be arsed keeping up with regulations". autotalk.co.nz/news/nissan-zea

Araya A. Hargate, Deepika Padukone, Praya Lundberg, Kangana Ranaut attend Festival de Cannes’ day 4 dlvr.it/QScDJw

Crikey dick, some buggers just never learn. Getting a bit bored of companies telling me that I’m part of a small subset of affected users. @plex@twitter.com

That's as close as it ever gets to company of liars and crooks (Microsoft) publicly admitting that its products are really, very defective https://gnusocial.de/url/5289901 #microsoft

Privately referred by a friend (who might not want me to link him): why the élites always rule. newstatesman.com/politics/uk/2

Lot of Tweets about . Before tonight, never heard of it. But very happy its fans are pleased.

Ive invented the future of eyewear

Have to set up a bloody Facebook page for someone as a work thing. So how do you add roles to the page? Or are the databases ****ed again as usual?

Napeleon and Han—that family has produced two cinematic heroes.

They’re not thrilled about the relative who Auric Goldfinger crushed inside a Lincoln Continental though.