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"Le modèle chinois de contrôle et surveillance de la population par des caméras et des algorithmes d'identification des personnes semble inspirer le gouvernement et l'administration française qui lance des expérimentations et des partenariats."

#surveillance #état

Joseph Pulitzer: A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself.

Dear, not all Chinese people are related, so I shouldn’t be getting their mail.

The recipient is in the phone book—took me a minute to find their correct address. Going to put this back in the system today.

In my blog: The end of US ’net neutrality: another step toward the corporate internet

No more ’net neutrality in the US. Just another stage in the corporatization of the internet. We already have Google biasing news results to big players. This move under the FCC will make it worse.

Do others see the images on this page upside-down? Maybe they’re trying to make some joke about Australia but it does the story no favours.

Here’s Google telling me Firefox is unsupported and suggesting that I download Firefox.

I still get a laugh out of Kate Beckinsale talking about her pantomime horse.

On a sea of bliss: Jody Miller sets sail on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ “blissful” new endeavour #travel #cruising

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