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Answer: courtesy of Nice Glass in Lower Hutt, there are recycling facilities at Capital Glass and Viridian Glass. Capital is more than happy for you to drive up and dispose of it in their bins, as long as there are no beads or stickers on the glass.

Called Smith & Smith about a sheet of glass they cut in 1988, which cracked earlier this year. I wanted it recycled. They don’t do it, and their advice is, ‘Ask Google.’ So much for specialists.

I haven’t seen a Model 3 IRL yet, but judging by this photo, they look a lot like an old Honda Civic.

No, Itunes, when I select ‘Quit’, I mean ‘Quit’, not ‘Open again, show a licence agreement, then proceed to update.’ What is this, Windows?

I don’t know what it is, but the fourth one down is not the of the United States. Unless the 61 stars signify some long-term plan …

Instagram claims that your ad preferences are controlled inside Facebook. If that’s the case, why does Instagram keep a totally different set of preferences on you? More lies by Facebook, I suspect. You can find your list when logging on to Instagram on a desktop browser.

My Tweetstream seems more pleasant these days. Is it because more of us outside the US ignore President Trump and his Tweets? Like seasons of The Apprentice, the novelty wears thin, and there are only so many times you can watch grown adults fail at first-year-uni-level tasks.

In my blog: In memoriam, Terry Gray, British-born New Zealand composer, 1940–2011

What if we use ALT attribute on images to reveal true message instead?

Using opera browser's built in vpn I am getting a lot of nice choices about my data I never had before.

But, since I don't save cookies between sessions, opt-out cookies aren't preserved.

I've disabled javascript and cookies globally in the browser and am enabling them on a case by case basis and a lot of crap isn't coming my way anymore.

One of my big annoyances is publications such as the New York Times which contrary to the EU GDPR, only offer opt-in to cookies.

I agree with Stanley’s sentiments here, though I feel should have run such a campaign in 2014, maybe 2015 at the latest, when fake accounts reached an epidemic. (Hat tip to Gavin Heaton.)

the internet only has content when you're looking at it

all clothing is unisex if you stop giving a single fuck

Watching Thai PBS News in English, which is running a programme on the rescues live. Looks like one of the British rescuers actually speaks Thai, which is handy.

As of 6.06 p.m. local time, three of the kids in the Thai caves have been rescued.

Hey, TV One, can you let your graphic designer know that the US hasn’t used this since 1959?

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