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After working off a 15-inch laptop for eight days, coming back to a proper monitor is such a relief.

Interesting that would lock a post of mine to prevent replies. You really don’t like hearing bad news on your own 10 forums, do you? An admission you shipped a lemon?

What to do when an Aliexpress vendor sends you stuff, it doesn’t arrive, they refund you, then it arrives three months late? After chatting to the vendor, we agreed to my “buying” something of the same value, then they would hold off and not ship it. Both parties happy.

Domain registrar offers me a free Whois guard. Then suspends my domain names because it cannot verify my address—because they began sending verification emails to the Whois guard address of and not my real one. Then claims that was the email all along.

When a truck driver forces you across a double-yellow into the path of an oncoming bus, that’s worth a formal police complaint. None of this mere Roadwatch business. BSF770, you’ve been rumbled, arsehole.

Oh, good, Demi Lovato is still alive. Heard she had died when I was in Auckland. Must have been fake news. Or a parallel universe.

: IMO home of the most uncomfortable toilet short of having to squat in some foreign country. Who has a square arse? This shitter is shit.

Strange capitalization. I reckon I can figure out where this spammer got their database from.

Had to use Facebook for work today. Is it me, or is the site even more heavily weighed down with code than ever before? So slow.

Ving Rhames: cops pulled guns on him, because being home . All you need is a neighbour saying a ‘large black man’ is breaking into his own house.

Frankly, I stopped using Google at the beginning of the decade except for News, Translate, and last-resort searches. Do others not see just how bad this company is, with its constant lies and manipulations? Why do people continue supporting it?

And again, I see Google News has ranked corporate media ahead of better independent media. F*** you, Google. Seriously. More and more evil by the day.

Here’s where you can watch the Miss Universe New Zealand Grand Final—Bravo TV has the live telecast, but the live stream has even more, starting over an hour earlier. #missuniverse #MUNZ

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