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"Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has rubbished a Google-funded report that claims news aggregators - like the search engine firm - can help struggling publishers by easing some of the negative consequences of digital disruption"

Funny how memory works. The radio tells me that 17 years ago, we were glued to the telly watching what happened in the US. I don’t remember that. However, I remember doing that on September 12, 2001.

I’m thinking of running a piece on being Asian in New Zealand for one of our publications and the perfect interviewee to offer a counterpoint would be Love this piece.

Google My Business: worth doing, even if you hate Google? The company comes up in a search anyway, so maybe I should take control of the listing. What I would be providing is linking the business to me personally, thereby providing the bastards with more about me.

We asked the Hush Puppies shop assistant at Queensgate where the company was from. She said, 'South America.' I had no idea that’s where Rockport, Massachusetts really was, but hey, I don’t work for Hush Puppies, so what do I know?

If you use the Australian site, you won’t have problems setting postage rates, said . It won’t demand that you’re in the US, said Ebay.

The website says NCTV-Chinese is Auckland-only. I can get the signal in Wellington, if I lie and have the TV search for channels as though we were in Europe. So how does this work? Is the signal actually nationwide but by some quirk it’s blocked here?

Who do I know among my circles that works for Amazon? Being given the run-around for four years, being told stuff that I think is BS. The rep dealing with me is great but I reckon he’s being spun a lot of lies to get me off their backs.

My goodness, these are terrible passwords (the worst of 2017). Hat tip to @hollyjahangiri and

btw, most videos on are somewhere around the 30 MB mark.

Dividing 20 TB by 30 MB we get just under 700 000. For privacy reason we use no tracking scripts though. So I have no idea how many video plays were partial/complete, but counting pure bandwidth, we're not far form 1 million monthly views.

If we were assholes like Facebook who count a view after 1 second or whatever it was, we'd probably have 10s of millions of them lmao

This is a recent text message someone provided to me.
You receive a message from "Apple" to your recovery phone. In your native language, perfectly spelled. This looks legit, and you're happy because you might have a chance to get back your lost phone, right?

Don’t really care about the new Twitter layout. Reminds me of one they had a few years ago, but now it’s for wider screens.

Well, at least there is a new Twitter layout. After chickened out with Timeline and made it conventional, innovation has been lacking there.

Another Friday, another #FollowFriday :blobtongue:

@crossposter 🐦 CrossPoster: Lets you connect a Twitter and Mastodon account together (by @renatolond )

@bob 🖥️ Bob Mottram, developer of FreedomBone: Helping people to self-host on open hardware

@gcluley 🔒 Graham Cluley: Computer security pundit

@greenpeace_ch 🌍 GreenPeace Switzerland: Official account for Swiss branch of the environmental group

@bigben 🔔 Big Ben: For fans of bongs

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