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Testing the Swype keyboard after a browserbrowser updateupdate. There are some theories that suggest this is a browserbrowser faultfault.

Looks like I’m havinghaving thethe samesame trouble withwith mymy Swype keyboardkeyboard onon MastodonMastodon. Annoyed, but I don’tdon’t seesee howhow it’sit’s upup toto meme to correct mistakes made by technology and not me. The fault is intermittent, and I haven’thaven’t figuredfigured outout underunder whatwhat circumstancescircumstances itit occursoccurs. Never had such an issue a weekweek agoago.

There's no alternative to owning data and physical media.

They'll be prying my CDs from my cold, dead hands.

Jack Yan heard show a clip of the man who broke the Len Lye sculpture. Jack Yan thinks talking about yourself in the third person is stupid.

As débuts go, I still prefer ‘Spearhead from Space’, but that still wasn’t half bad.

At Font Police: Not as good as gold When creating a logo, it pays to use one...

At Font Police: Encountered When you’re sticking bits to a sign, make sure you...

Getting a lot of calls where the caller hangs up. Thieves casing the joint?

It's been a while! I promised you a tour around the of Athens. There are quite a few. I visited four or five of them in various states of decay and their pictures will accompany the commentary.

Πάει λίγος καιρός ε; Σας υποσχέθηκα μια βόλτα στα της Αθήνας. Υπάρχουν μπόλικα. Επισκέφθηκα 4-5 από αυτά σε διάφορες καταστάσεις αποσύνθεσης. Οι φωτογραφίες τους θα συνοδεύσουν το σχολιασμό.

📷 Atrium Center

1993: Yay, I can see how the internet can unite the world!

2018: Yay, I can see how the internet can unite the world in knowing which countries we definitely should not emulate despite the best attempts of some politicians!

Deleting email embedded images from my old 500 Gbyte hard drive (now an external) takes a while …

Oh well, no more messaging for me. It won’t let me type, but it will let me send images, so for now, this is what I am sending.

If you don’t seesee me on Twitter as often, it’s becausebecause it’sit’s no longer compatible withwith the Swype keyboardkeyboard on my phonephone. I can’tcan’t be botheredbothered correcting faults createdcrcreated by technologytechnology and not me. Other sites are fine.

News of comfortable shoes: Alterre shows at Norwood Club; Allbirds celebrates Bird of the Year

Nationwide Class-Action Lawsuit Targets DuPont, Chemours, 3M, and other Makers of PFAS Chemicals #intercept #news
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