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One gig download, average speed 105 kbyte/s. Party like it’s 1999.

Someone’s used my cellphone number for their 'Dunder verification code'. Got to wonder whose number is so close to mine.

An hour 16 minutes to download around 600 Mbyte (part of a 900 Mbyte archive), and apparently still three hours to go on an upload to Dailymotion on a file that’s just 223 Mbyte. Have I travelled back to 1999?

A United Kingdom is on Māori TV tonight. Proof again that some of the best stuff can be found there.

Anyone know of a second-hand bicycle for sale in Wellington? Partner is looking for one.

At least one journalist looked back at the original Widows, in the Surprised The Independent barely mentioned this in its review.

News in brief: from the Duke’s wellingtons to MAC’s Shiny Pretty Things

Royal New Zealand Ballet’s The Nutcracker gets into a festive mood

Le fabuleux destin d’Atelier Paulin: talking with Anne-Sophie Baillet, whose company’s bespoke #jewellery make perfect gifts these holidays #fashion

Two tiny videos, a few meg each, and already hours have gone by trying to upload them.

I am not on 1990s dial-up. Pourquoi?

You can no longer ‘view as’ someone on Facebook any more. They claim the feature has been disabled temporarily. Since Facebook always says one thing and does another, presumably this means the feature has been disabled permanently.

Some Canadian company is after the Facebook URL of a client of mine in Upper Hutt. Claims there has been confusion. Um, we registered the name in 2011. Somehow I don’t believe the Canadians. (a) Seven years to raise this? (b) We’ve never received a single message going, ‘Are you those guys in Canada?’

I’m so old I remember when updating your Facebook was a thing.

All of #assange tweets now reside in however, all links to ALL of his tweets are now BROKEN, e.g. whose decision? Internet rot...
"Account suspended
This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline."
This is @julianassange now. They say they changed account name, but was it due to suspension!? All tweets gone.

At Font Police: Spaced This wee pooch is unimpressed with the kerning on the...

There’s Yaz’s Mum— sure has a lot of Coro and Hollyoaks alumni these days! (No bad thing though, the casting is great.)

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