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In Black Mirror’s “USS Callister," a man obliterates the fine line between loving something and fetishizing it.

This Mastodon instance seems huge among Japanese users. Is there a reason? Were they here first?

As much as I dislike Über, my partner decided she would try it. After 30 minutes, neither of us can figure it out. But there is a bonus: a credit card has been loaded, but not by us. It insists we live next door. Up shot: we can steal rides from our neighbour (not that we would).

Doesn’t look like too many of my friends have made the shift here … going to close my Mastodon browser tab and only pop by on occasion now.

I know some friends followed me here after I stopped updating my Facebook wall. I wonder if any follow this account or did they just sign up and depart?

Waking up to a rainy Boxing Day. Much needed relief for a lot of our farmers. Given the hot, hot lead-up to Christmas rain, it’s not so bad.

Every now and then we do this—it’s Lucire’s news-makers of 2017. Who are the nine women and one man we’ve named this year? (Clue: it’s nothing like our 2014 list.)

Kids, just read this via official sources: there are good flying conditions for Santa.

Virtually every country on earth aside from the United States measures temperature in Celsius. Why?

‘Could people please refrain from singing about my personal hygiene this year? Thank you.’—Batman

Looks like another lemon from Microsoft then: a big list of user complaints about Windows 10 Creators fall update.

As early as tonight, Congress plans to sneak an expansion of mass surveillance into law. Only your call, right now,…

Don’t really know what the differences between each Mastodon instance is.

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