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In Black Mirror’s “USS Callister," a man obliterates the fine line between loving something and fetishizing it. https://t.co/ByJimccz3S
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On the Blue carpet, by Jody Miller: celebrating 18 years of the Blue Medi Spa in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

lucire.com/insider/20171229/on mastodon.social/media/WyTVlDMu

This Mastodon instance seems huge among Japanese users. Is there a reason? Were they here first?

More reasons to be on Mastodon: developer creates a tool to expose bigoted, fake Twitter accounts; Twitter bans it.


As much as I dislike Über, my partner decided she would try it. After 30 minutes, neither of us can figure it out. But there is a bonus: a credit card has been loaded, but not by us. It insists we live next door. Up shot: we can steal rides from our neighbour (not that we would).

Doesn’t look like too many of my friends have made the shift here … going to close my Mastodon browser tab and only pop by on occasion now.

I know some friends followed me here after I stopped updating my Facebook wall. I wonder if any follow this account or did they just sign up and depart?

Waking up to a rainy Boxing Day. Much needed relief for a lot of our farmers. Given the hot, hot lead-up to Christmas rain, it’s not so bad.

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Every now and then we do this—it’s Lucire’s news-makers of 2017. Who are the nine women and one man we’ve named this year? (Clue: it’s nothing like our 2014 list.)

lucire.com/2017/1224ll0.shtml mastodon.social/media/lLCk4iae

Kids, just read this via official sources: there are good flying conditions for Santa.

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Virtually every country on earth aside from the United States measures temperature in Celsius. Why? https://t.co/fp8XRrL1CJ
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‘Could people please refrain from singing about my personal hygiene this year? Thank you.’—Batman

Looks like another lemon from Microsoft then: a big list of user complaints about Windows 10 Creators fall update. windowscentral.com/windows-10-

Enjoying watching Stefan Engeseth give a talk on to the construction industry. youtube.com/watch?v=fygzIUfXmQ

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As early as tonight, Congress plans to sneak an expansion of mass surveillance into law. Only your call, right now,… twitter.com/i/web/status/94355

Don’t really know what the differences between each Mastodon instance is.