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Apart from my partner being under the weather (which necessitated a trip to the doc) most of my Waitangi Day was spent reading issues of Ad Age I had skipped during the last year. With New Year (the real one) in a week and a half, it really feels like I’m finishing up stuff.

Holy moly, that was quick. Order placed with US on February 2, here today—and I didn’t pay for expedited shipping.

Either veteran journalist and my former fellow Good Morning panellist Barry Soper is going to become Leader of the Opposition, or the journalists at The New Zealand Herald need to learn how to use the colon.

Trump: we need to increase the number of nukes to deter others.

Dude, your country has more nukes than everyone else on the planet combined. Who the fuck are you scared of?

If you’re a Supermarionation puppet, you, too, can eventually become vice-president of the United States.

watched a classic episode of Sesame Street where Oscar the Grouch calls Elmo a little "red menace" 😆 #SickleMeElmo

Removed Oracle Virtualbox.

Computer still BSODed today.

Made a restore point, ran driver verifier.

More BSODs, Windows 10 said it would restore.

And Virtualbox is back. The program that refuses to be removed.

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