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It would have been interesting if Geely had bought FCA for US$22,000 million. They could have done a better job with Lancia, for starters.

一九七八年三月三日我嘅婆婆嚟到紐西蘭. 呢幾日念佢. 佢唔喺度廿八年.

Had a good chat to Steve, the sport reporter at Newsroom (the New Zealand website). Good bloke. I told him I was more likely to click on a Newsroom link if it surfaced on Twitter than on one from Stuff or the Herald. And the Herald really needs to increase the prominence of its quality pieces.

March 3, 1978—my maternal grandmother arrives in Whanganui-a-Tara, where she would pass away 12 years later. Bam, there goes 40 years.

You can get issue 38 of #Lucire right now for PDF and in the Magzter app, or place an order for the print edition here: #fashionmagazine #fashion #magazine

In an email today: ‘Just a quick email to find out whether you’d be interested in the idea of running a banner campaign for Slam Hotline on either the New York Times or WSJ websites?’

I had no idea we controlled these sites. Don’t tell Arthur and Rupert.

Oscars 2018: Saturday afternoon live—Elyse Glickman heads to Doris Bergman’s 10th anniversary Oscar Style Lounge & Party and Post-Holiday Gift Drive #Oscars

Anyone else think the way Simon Bridges MP talks is exactly what a foreign agent who has had to learn the New Zealand accent off old television footage would sound like?

Guilty pleasures: Lola Cristall has found some very chic, must-visit dining spots in New York, #Washington and #Baltimore, including some hidden gems #travel #NYC

Ninety-four-year-old veteran Harry Leslie Smith: there’s more to gain by working together than being apart, and he believes Brexit is taking us down the wrong path. We’re like the citizens of Pompeii before Vesuvius.

The Koch brothers et al are delighted with what they’ve been able to get from the US Trump administration.

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